Hansika Motwani spills the beans on controversies: reveals shocking details in Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama - streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar


Hotstar Specials show Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama is off to an excellent start, as we see Hansika and her mother discussing and addressing all their previous scandals while they discuss and prepare for her dream wedding. The marriage of Hansika Motwani and Sohael Kathuriya is one of India's most talked-about celebrity weddings, and the show lives up to its promise of wholesome drama and stunning disclosures about their past.

The episode begins with Hansika and her mother talking about their past and the controversies they had to deal with. In the run-up to the wedding, we watch Hansika's mother console an already stressed-out Hansika as they recall the past scandals. When her mother asks if she is impacted by the latest news surrounding Sohael and her marriage, Hansika assures her that it is the least of her concerns at the moment; she has been through it before and it no longer bothers her. Upon asking if she was bothered by the news around her taking hormone injections at a young age, Hansika says,  ”Dude, I can't even take an injection,”. Her mother continues by saying,”We are Punjabi people, humaari betiya 12-16 saal ki umar me bahut jaldi shoot up hoti hai.”

As the episode progresses, we see the families along with the bride and groom arrive at Jaipur and prepare for the wedding. After a Polo match intended to impress her, Hansika comes up with the idea of having a derby event on her mehendi day. As unusual as it may sound, it astounds her mother and her wedding planner as they try to reason with her..

Will Hansika’s wedding team be able to keep up with her unrealistic demands of hosting a derby at her wedding?

Catch the upcoming episodes of Love, Shaadi, Drama to stay updated on Hansika Motwani’s grand wedding exclusively streaming on Disney+ Hotstar!

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