Film Review: N4

 N4 directed by Lokesh Kumar hits theatres on 24th March.

The film is set in North Madras, in a fishing hamlet and showcases the lives of the people and especially the youth there. The story revolves around the fates of 2 couples, who are orphans raised to adulthood by an old lady ( Vadivukkarasi). They fall in love and plan a future together but when one of them is killed suddenly, without any known motive, all hell breaks loose. Who is the killer? Why is the police chasing them instead of the perpetrators? Does money and power win ultimately?

The film succeeds in showing the details of life in the setting of North Madras but while the natural and raw surroundings, the gang wars, the relationships amongst the folk,  are all captured naturally,  to some extent, the film amplifies  stereotypes by its portrayal of  rampant drug abuse and aimlessness of the youth there.

The actors ( Michael, Gabriella, Afsal Hameed, Vinusha) have done their parts very well,  getting the rawness and intensity  of their characters onto the  screen. Anupama Kumar as the upright cop plagued by turmoil over duty versus love for her son,  is well cast. 

The musical score bybBalasubramanian G makes a mark and the camerawork by Divyank  captures well the ruggedness on life in the area,  moving from the seaside into homes and streets and lives of the people there. 

However, the climax somehow leaves you with a sense of things being left somewhat incomplete. 

Overall, raw, gritty, intense and realistic with  sincere performances by actors,  N4 is a different attempt which surprises you with its twists and peek into human emotions and relationships across different strata of society and keeps you rivetted till the end. 

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