Film Review : Ripupbury

 The Master Mehendran starrer Ripupbury directed by Na Arun Kumar is a horror comedy.

Master Mahendran and 2 buddies, spend their time posting content on a You Tube channel from their village. The hero is in love with one of his subscribers. Into this scenario enters a male ghost ( Actor Srrini who does a superb job ) with a ferocious dog, who kills for vengeance. When the three buddies get caught up in the proceedings,  they set out to investigate and eliminate the ghost who seems to be targeting lovers.

Who is the ghost? Why is he seeking vengeance? What is his painful backstory? What happens to them all? Who wins finally?

The screenplay moves at a regular speed to keep the viewers engaged. There are scares aplenty mixed with humor, in keeping with the horror comedy genre of the film.

All the actors have done a good job.  Master Magendran aces his role, which gives him ample scope to perform, be it romance or humor. The chemistry and camaraderie between all the lead characters works well for the film. 

The backstory of the ghost is a, sentimental tale which is both gripping and emotional. Actor Srrini ( Driver Jamuna fame) has given a solid performance that strikes a chord. The actors in that portion do a great job of portraying the various emotions, which showcase the pain and innocence effectively.

However, at some places,  the humor tends to get too flippant and doesn't tickle the funny bone at times.  A lot of time seems to be spent leading up to the crux of the plot, which could have been trimmed for a crisper feel. The talented Mahendran could have been better utilised without the flippant angle to his character. There are scenes of violence that may not be suitable for kids to watch. 

Overall, a film with some good performances, dashes of humor and a different angle to horror, sums up Ripupbury.


Actors  :

Master Mahendran

Noble K James



Arati Podi

Kaavya Arivumani 


Producer, Writer & Director: Na. Arun Karthik

Cinematographer: Talapathy Ratinam

Music Director: Diwacara Thiyagarajan

Art Director: Singam

Editor: Muganvel

Executive Producer: SL Senthilnathan

Line Producer: Mahesh Khanna

Creative Producer: N.Narendhiran

Pro Sathish (AIM)

Di: Srikanth Raghu (Firefox Studios)

Publicity Designer: Saba Designs

Vfx: I-Matte Media - Vetri Selvan.B Sfx & Film Mix: Ghatam Siva

Choreographer: Sri Krish

Stunts: Stunner Sam

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