Film Review : Yaanai Mugathaan

 Director Rejishh Midhila's fantasy comedy Yaanai Mugathaan hit the screens on April 21st.

The film revolves around an auto driver Ganesha (Ramesh Thilak) who doesnt believe in paying his mounting debts, hasnt paid rent in 4 years to landlady ( Oorvasi) and cheats people without any qualms. He has a buddy, Michael ( Karunakaran) who is almost as bad as him. But Ganesa has one redeeming quality. He is an ardent devotee of lord Ganesha. But even in his prayers , he asks God to help him in his nefarious schemes to fraud people.

One day, Ganesa discovers that the idol of lord Ganesha has disappeared from his shrine! Where ever he goes, he can no longer see Ganesha it in temples, or on calenders. 

What happens when he is confronted one day with the real Lord Ganesha himself, come in human form (Yogi Babu), who asks him to change his ways? Does Ganesa believe him? Does he ever get back to seeing the lord in temples again? Does he change his ways to discover the true meaning of God?

                     Director Rejishh

The fantasy elements are well handled and the comedy works in parts.
The presence of Yogi Babu in a different avatar, adds value to his role and the film while Oorvasi with her usual, nuanced performance, helps elevate the film and raise the emotional quotient. Her penchant for comedy at the same time, is unparalleled and she makes you cry and laugh with her act

 Ramesh Thilak does full justice to his role, and shines in the emotional parts.  He is convincing as the fraudulent person and when realisation dawns, he brings out the subtle changes well.

The comedy is not loud, for which credit must go to the director.

The Rajasthan portions are well shot and are interesting. 

The visuals are overall pleasant and the screenplay moves steadily, keeping you engrossed about what happens next.

However, scenes like  Yogi Babu being slapped seemed unnecessary.

The film manages to drive home the point of seeing God in everyone and treating them with respect. 

Artist list

Yogi Babu

Ramesh Tilak



George Maryan

Hareesh Peradi

Kulappulli Leela ("Marudhu" Paati), Nagavishal 

Technicians List

Title: ‘Yaanai Mugathaan’

Production Company: The Great Indian Cinemas

Writer Director: Rejishh Midhila

Dop: Karthik S Nair

Music: Bharath Sankar

Editor: Syalo Sathyan

Chief Production Controller: 

Sunil Jose

Production Executive: M J Bharathi

Pro : Johnson

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