Film Review: Ravana Kottam

 Shanthnu starrer Raavana Kottam hit theatres on May 12th, directed by Vikram Sugumaran.

Senguttavan ( Shanthnu) lives in a village in Ramnathapuram, headed by Bose ( Prabhu) who is much respected.  His best friend is Madhi maran (Sanjay Saravanan). The village is, unique because Bose does not allow caste issues to pollute minds and is against any politicos entering the village to spread hate in the peaceful environs.

Indhira ( Anandhi) and Senguttavan are in love, but hide the fact due to family dynamics. Even his best friend does not know. 

In the meantime, political entities ( Aruldoss, Thenappan) seek to enter the village for financial gains and play the caste politics card and cause havoc, after they murder Bose in an accident.

As a result, the friendship of Senguttavan and Madhi takes a hit, since Madhi is misled by vengeful miscreants, into thinking that Senguttavan is against him, and looking only for personal gains.

One tragic night events unfold which cause tragedy and mayhem. What happens to the village folk, the two friends and the love of Senguttavan and Indhira?

The tough life of the people and the dry landscape and topography is well captured. Shanthnu gives a brilliant and sincere performance as a man caught up in family tensions and communal issues.  Anandhi plays her part well  and the duo share a comfortable chemistry on screen. All the actors, do justice to their roles.

The director touches upon various issues from caste politics to corporate and political greed in this socio-political drama. But the issues are diverse and not focussed on in depth.

The way Sengettavan trusts a known troublemaker in the village, despite years of friendship is a tad tough to be believed. The conflicts keep the film fast paced, but a little more care to explore issues in more depth would have added value. A tad too many sub plots, distract from the focus of the film. 


Shanthnu Bhagyaraj  - Senguttuvan
'Ilaya Thilagam' Prabhu  - Bose
Ilavarasu - Chitravel
Anandhi - Indhira
Sanjay Saravanan - Madhimaaran
Deepa Shankar - Kaliyamma
Aruldoss - MLA
Thenappan - Minister Raasakannu
Sujatha Sivakumar - Sundaravalli
Murugan - Maari
Sathya - Kattakottu

Producer - Kannan Ravi (Kannan Ravi Group)
Director- Vikram Sugumaran
Cinematographer - Vetrivel Mahendran
Music Director - Justin Prabhakaran
Editor - Lawrence Kishore
Lyrics -Ekadasi, Karthik Netha
Art Director - Narmadha Veni, Raju
Stills - Pavai G.D. Ramesh
Choreography - Bobby Antony
Stunts - Rock Prabhu
Pro -  Suresh Chandra D'one, Sathish (AIM)
Publicity Designs - Yuvaraj Ganesan

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