'Dancing Rose’ Shabheer Kallarakkal starrer Mystery-Thriller “Birthmark”


Birthmark is a mystery drama written, directed, and produced by Vikram Shreedharan. The film is based on a unique story premise that will offer a first-of-its-kind cinematic experience to the audiences. Actor Shabheer Kallarkkal, who shot to fame for his outstanding performance as ‘Dancing Rose’ in Sarpatta Parambarai plays the lead character. Mirnaa plays the female protagonist in this movie.

Director Vikram Shreedharan says, “Birthmark is a mystery drama that revolves around two lead characters – Daniel (a) Danny, played by Shabheer Kallarakkal, and Jennifer, played by Mirnaa. The story is set in the 90s, where Danny, a soldier returns home after the Kargil war and decides to commute his pregnant wife to a ‘Birth Village’ named Dhanvantri, a place known for facilitating natural birth delivery without complications and surgeries. The practice of birth villages still exists in many parts of India. This story is a fictional presentation based on the experiences of these lead characters during their stay in one such particular village, where they sense something is odd.” Adding more, Vikram says, “The basic gist of ‘Birthmark’ originated during the pandemic lockdown phase, where I came across the ‘Birth Villages’ located at various places in India. It was surprising to see that many couples prefer this tradition to have a natural delivery without surgical complications.”

The basic insight given by the director significantly enhances the intrigue in a mystery-thriller. Ask director Vikram and he states, “Yes, the film has some mystery and suspense elements, but it focuses more on the emotional state." The process of giving birth isn’t as easy as men think. Apart from physical challenges, women experience mental traumas. When a man accompanies his spouse during this phase, he will witness the magic of being reborn again and his respect towards his mother and women.”

To give an authentic feel of natural elements, the team has erected a village across the Maraiyur village located between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It was meticulously researched to ensure that every frame in the story looks perfect since it is set in the 90s.

While Shabheer and Mirnaa play the lead characters, the star cast includes Deepthi, Indrajith, Porkodi, PR Varalakshmi, and others.

 Filmmaker Vikram Shreedharan shares credits with Sriram Sivaraman for writing and producing this film. Vishal Chandrashekar is composing music for this film, which has a promising league of technicians that includes Udhay Thangavel (Cinematography), Ramu Thangaraj (Production Designer), Iniyavan Pandiyan (Editor), Sruthi Kannath (Costume Designer), Anusuya Vasudevan (Additional Screenplay), Sync Cinemas (Sound Design), Aravind Menon (Sound Mixing), Prateek Mahesh (Colourist/DI), Fix it in Post Studio (Visual Effects), Ravikumar (Production Executive), Suresh Chandra, Rekha D’One (PRO), Sriram Sivaraman (Creative Producer), Karthee Vel (Line Producer), Vineesh Vijayan (Prosthetics), Gautham J (Publicity Designer) and Tony Marshall-Surya Vijayakumar (Assistant Director).

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