Film Review : Thalainagaram 2

 Thalainagaram 2 is directed by VZ Durai and stars Sundar C, Thambi Ramaiah, Pallak Lalwani and others. 

The story centres around Right ( Sundar C) who gets, back into fighting evil doers, when he encounters Sitara ( Pallak Lalwani) a heroine who seeks revenge for a crime against her.  Moved by her plight,  Right agrees to find the wrongdoers, and thereby sets of a chain reaction of several villains who now want to see him dead. 

Does Right find justice for the girl? At what cost ? 

The film is a crime story so action scenes are aplenty from the word go. A delight for action lovers,  Sundar C and the bunch of baddies are in top form. With a series of weapons and novel ways of torturing  enemies, many violent  scenes are not for the faint hearted and certainly not for kids. At places it would seem things, go a tad overboard, though perhaps it is the nature of the action story that demands such a screenplay.

Palak as the heroine does a good job of it, while Sundar C maintains a stoic front, letting his punches, do the talking and most effectively so. His presence adds gravitas to the scenes.

There is no  comedy track ( Vadivelu's iconic act in part 1 will  be missed here) which makes it seem like one fight after another, though there is a dash of quiet romance.

The stunts are commendably executed and the camera work is neat with the bgm adding to the story. 

Thalainagaram 2, though with a thin storyline and bouts of violence is an action drama catering to fans of the genre.

"Thalainagaram 2"


Sundar C

Palak Lalwani

Thambi Ramaiah

'Bhahubali' Prabhakar


Jaise Jose

Vishal Rajan

Seran Raj

Crew :

Story,Screenplay & Direction: Dhorai V.Z

Banner: Right Eye Theatres

Producers: S.M.Prabakaran, Dhorai V.Z

Co - Producer: Madhuraj

Business Head: Vijay Adiraj

Business Promotion: G.K

D.O.P: E.Krishnasamy

Music: Ghibran

Editing: R.Sudharsan

Art: A.K.Muthu

Stunt: Don Ashok

Dialogue: Maniji

Sound Design: Vijay Rathinam Mpse

Sound Mixing: A.M Rahmathulla

Sound Engineer: K.Jagan

Di: Gemini

Di  Colorist: Kubendran Sekar

Subtitles: Rekhs

Vfx: Murthy (D Note)

Co – Director: Kowshick Saravanan

Executive Producer: Palanivell V

P.R.O: Sathish (Aim)

Publicity Design: Design Point


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