Movie Review : Baba Blacksheep

 Baba Blacksheep directed by Rajmohan Arumugham hits theatres on July 14th.

The story revolves around a bunch of school students who start out as rivals but end up as friends due a series of efforts by the management and also thier circumstances.

But their joy at making new friendsips and enjoying their school life is shortlived, when  suicide attempts and a death cross their paths. How do they sort things out?

The first half of the film is a jolly ride, highlighting the issues of students in the internet age, when distractions are manifold and studies, are not top priority. The actors, well known You Tubers,  are well cast and give their best performances, which keeps one invested in the goings -on.  The director has kept the pace racy, and the style of making is trendy,  which keeps you hooked. 

The way the management is shown,  laced with  tongue-in-cheek humor sans melodrama and preaching, is a refreshing change. The attempts to engage the students and divert their energies to constructive issues by the principal, gives off a  positive vibe. 

The second half attempts to touch family issues which acts as a speed breaker with the overdose of sentiment giving a dated feel. The issues relating to mental health and student suicides are touched upon, but could have been better presented.

Overall,  Baba Blacksheep is an enjoyable watch, dealing with the ups and downs of modern day student life,  brought to life by excellent performances by every member of the cast, good visuals and music. 

"Baba Black Sheep"


‘Virumandi’ Abirami

Ammu Abirami

Rj Vigneshkanth


Narendra Prasath

Suresh Chakravarthy

Subbu Panchu Arunachalam

Bose Venkat

Ram Nishanth

Adirchi Arun

Settai Sheriff

O.A.K Sundar


Madurai Muthu

Charles Vinoth

KPY Pazhani

Kutty Vino

Harshad Khan




Producer - Raahul

Production Company - Romeo Pictures

Director – Rajmohan Arumugam

Cinematographer – Sudarshan Srinivasan

Music – Santhosh Dhayanithi

Editor – Vijay Velukutty

Art Director – MSP Madhavan

Stunts – Vicky

Choreography – Azhar, Leelavathi Kumar

Publicity Design – Gopi Prasanna

Lyrics – Yuga Bharathi, A.PA.Raja,RJ Vigneshkanth, Madurai Bala,Thanikodi

Costumes – Adore Azhar

Manager – S.Malarkannan

Stills – Velu

PRO – Sathish (AIM)

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