Movie Review : Kaadapuraa Kalaikuzhu

 The Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat, Hari, Mime Gopi starrer Kaadapuraa Kalaikuzhu hit screens on July 7th, directed by debutant Raja Gurusamy.

The film is set in a small village in TN. Munishkanth,  plays a folk dancer, a bachelor with a heart of gold and Kaali Venkat is his long time friend and part of his musical troupe, hence the title.  The duo believe in keeping folk traditions alive without adapting to modern ways, no matter how big the money offers that come their way.

But their happy life turns topsy turvy when one of his troupe members, a foster son he adopted, played by Hari, falls in love. The girl's father is against the match and his wrath takes a dangerous turn when he allies with a corrupt  politico ( Mime Gopi) to eliminate the problem.

On another front,  Munishkanth earns the wrath of a group of village rowdies when they harass a girl from the troupe, who now seek revenge.

Tension builds up and just when things are going right,  danger looms large. What is the fate of the dancer, his foster son and his folk troupe? 

 Munishkanth does a briliant job as the innocent, jolly folk dancer who helps people. His emotional scenes touch a chord. He has also given his best,  to the dance performances. Two folk songs stand out for their vibrancy, peppiness and performances of all the artists. 

Kaali Venkat does justice to his role but one wishes he had been given more to do,  given his range as an actor. 

All the other artists have done a good job and are well cast.

The visuals capturing the village life and the  folk numbers are pleasant. 

However, way too much time is spent on the track of a singer who actually cannot sing.  The attempts at humor leave no impact and the scenes act as speed breakers. 

One wishes more time had been given to Munishkanth and his emotional connect with village folk,  and the way his life unfolds.

The action scenes are gripping and well concieved.

On the whole,  the film shows promise and with a bit more of editing, could make for a more interesting watch.  Kudos to the team for choosing a different subject than the usual. The makers  derseve kudos for trying to highlight folk arts via this film and its subject.

Directed by Raja Gurusamy
Produced by DR. Muruganandam Veeraraghavan, DR. Shanmugapriya Muruganandam (Sakti Ciinee Productions Pvt Ltd)
Music by Henry

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