Movie Review: Rayar Parambarai

 Actor Krishna, Sharanya R, Krithika, KR Vijaya, Manobala, Kasturi, Anandraj, starrer Rayar Parambarai hits theatres on July 7th.

The film is a comedy set in a small town where Anandraj is a proud man who is determined that his only daughter should not have a love marriage like his sister. He tries to prevent it at any cost using his manpower and thugs. 

But despite his efforts,  his daughter falls in love with a young music teacher ( Krishna), who on the face of it, is also flirting with 2 other girls.

Motta Rajendran plays an activist who is against love marriages.

In such a scenario what happens to the lovers? 

The film is a loud comedy,  which gives feel of an 80's film in its making and comedy .

The actors have all done a good job,  especially Krishna with his exemplary dialogue delivery and comic timing. One wishes he would do more films.

All the heroines have done thier best, with Sharanya debuting in Kollywood. Anandraj, Motta Rajendran as usual do justice to thier roles.

There is one peppy dance number between Krishna and Sharanya which has good visuals as well. The climax stunt scene is well shot. 

One wishes the sound could have been toned down to bring out the comedy in the dialogues, though a lot of it seems farcical and a tad dated. 

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