Movie Review : Harkara




Ram Arun Castro - Matheswaran / Harkara

Kaali Venkat - Postman Kaali

Gautami Chowdry - Durga

'Pichaikkaran' Murthy - Periyavar

Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan - Kangani

Nicola Fuster - James

Balu Bose - Ganesan

Ambed - Ayyavu

Kulothungan - Muthiah

Senthil - Marudhu & Pithan

'Kayal' Vijayalakshmi - Mariammal


Written & Directed by : Ram Arun Castro

Production : Kalorful Beta Movement / Paradigm Pictures / Dheena Productions

Produced by : N.A.Ramu / Saravanan Ponraj

Co-Producer : Arvind Dharmaraj / Dheena 

DOP : Philip R.Sundar / Lokesh Elangovan

Music Composer : Ramshanker

Editor : Dani Charles

Art : VRK Ramesh

Stunt : Run Ravi

Choreography : Viji Sathish

Costume Designer : Aiyyelu Sivakumar

Makeup : E.Muthukrishnan

Executive Producer : Chelladurai

Tamilnadu Theatrical Release By Dream Warrior Pictures.

Harkara refers to the original postal deliverymen, set up during the East India Company's time in India.

The movie shifts from the present to the past. Kaali Venkat plays a modern day postman, disgruntled with his job atop a hill in a remote village where life is very tough. 

One day during a delivery to another tougher -to- reach mountain spot, he comes across a old man  who tells him a story about how this mountain terrain path was originally made by a Harkara ,Madheeswaran ( Ram Arun Costa). Who was this person? How did he change the lives of the people around him ? What was his fate at the hands of his British masters?

When the present day postman hears the tale, what happens next? How does that story change his life?

The film is  a moving tale of sacrifice and patriotism, told in an entertaining manner via the performances of Kaali Venkat and the village folk in the present day, keeping the mood light for what is to come. 

Kaali as usual, nails it in every scene, be it his innocence, humor, his frustration or sentiment. A consummate actor,  a perfect choice for the role, carries the film on his shoulders

 The director has brought out well the  portrayal of inter- personal relationships in remote areas  and the significance of human bonding and the simple lifestyle which supersedes the frenzied rat race of city dwellers.

Ram Arun Castro has done a superb job as Madheeswaran, his body build, body language, and expressions in total synch with his character. He brings to life the Harkara and leaves a lasting impression especially in the pre -climax. Kudos to the team for choosing such an interesting story. 

Ram Arun has also directed this film based on true events, which seeks to highlight the contribution of thousands of such Indians, which paved the way for the success of the freedom struggle. 

The film  showcases the greed for Indian spices and mineral treasures that drove the British to increase their foothold with an iron grip, keeping innocent Indians in their cruel vice-like grip. 

A moving tale, which has its hiccups in the narration, as it builds up steam, but succeeds in conveying its several poignant yet much needed subtle messages, in the end. 

An August 25th release.

Rating 3/5

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