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WEB - Movie Tamil

Directed by Haroon
Produced by V. M. Munivelan
Cinematography - Christopher Joseph
Music - Karthick Raja
Editor - Sudharsan R
Art Director - Arun Shankar Durai
Stunt - Fire Karthick
Lyrics - Arun Bharathi, RJ Vijay & Jegan Kaviraj
Singers - Andrea Jeremiah, Sadhana Sargam & Swetha Mohan
Choreography - Sandy, Siva Sankaran & Harish Karthick
Making Video - Anand Vino
PRO - Ksk Selva
Costume Designer - Dorothy Jai
Production Executive - M S Loganathan, Aarumugam
Sound Production Studios - Fx Studio & Sound Makers Studio
DI - Infinity Media
Publicity Designer - Dinesh Ashok
Production Controller - Bavithran G
Executive Producer - Ksk Selva
Banner - Velan Productions

Release date : 4 Aug 2023

Three IT professional single women ( Shilpa Manjunath, Shaashvi Bala, Shubhapriya Malar)  are besties who love to work hard and party harder. They spend their time partying after work and indulge in alcohol and drugs to have a good time. . They have no time for their parents even. 
One day after driving drunkenly post a party for their newly- wed friend ( Ananya Mani), all four  find themselves kidnapped by a cruel stranger ( Natty) who ill treats them and gives them some injections via his assistant ( Preetha). All attempts to escape are futile and they are trapped in a scary old house in the wilderness.
Who is this man? What does he want? Do they get to escape?

The story is an interesting one for a thriller and the screenplay has enough twists and scares for fans of the genre.
The film moves at a crisp pace, save for some repetitive escape attempts and dialogues from the girls. 
The mystery is well maintained till the final reveal.

Natty seen in a different shade does a good job of it, scary in the villainous portions.
Shilpa, Shaashvi Bala and  Shubapriya do a convincing job as the brash, arrogant but brave women who try to take on adverse situations without giving up.  The final reveal scene is also also well handled by all. 
The supporting cast does a good job as well.
There are two richly shot songs with pleasant visuals.

The bgm is apt for the story. The art department does a good job with the scary old house filled with rotting items,  though it gets repetitive and not visually pleasant to keep watching almost all through the film. There are gory bits which are not for the faint hearted.

Motta Rajendran brings some comic relief.

The final reveal and the credibility of the'treatment' may find few takers, but overall a  different attempt from the usual fare. 

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