Movie Review: Maal


Maal” Movie artist and technician list 

Cast :

Gajaraj as Gajaraj

Asraf as Kathir

Dinesh kumaran as Philips

Saikarthi as Karna

Gowri nandha as Yazhini

Vj pappu as Gowtham

Jey as Jey


Produced by Kovai film mates



cinematography & Editing - Shivaraj R

Direction - Dinesh kumaran


Pro - SureshSugu & DharmaDurai

Tamil movie Maal, to release on Aha Tamil ott, is about ancient  idols trafficking. The film has interesting parallel tracks of several sets of characters, whose lives intermingle due to a particular Chola idol, an antique worth crores.

A group wants to sell this idol and make money. They outsource the transport to another gang due to extensive police pressure, with a special task force on thier heels.

But the second gang loses the idol. In the meantime, a cop finds the idol by accident and gets greedy to sell it.  But this time, a set of two youngsters manage to lay their hands on it!

And in the midst of the melee come in 2 more characters apart from a young journalist couple... all connected with the antique idol in some way. 

What happens next? Who gets it finally?

The film is quite racy with never a dull moment. Though it takes time to recall all the characters, but the movie dives right into the story with no distractions, which makes for gripping viewing.

All the actors have done a solid job and that's another  reason why the film works. Gajaraj and Dinesh Kumaran ( who is also the young director of the film) as Philips stand out. 

The only distraction is the  song involving the journo couple which was not really that necessary to the plot. However, it does make for pleasant viewing.

The camera work could have been better with higher resolution.

However, despite their limited resources with a fairly engaging story, an interesting subject of antique thefts,  ample twists that grab your attention and some good performances and fast paced screenplay, Maal makes for a fairly engaging watch.

Rating 3/5

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