Movie Review: Mark Antony


Vishal, S.J.Suryah, Selvaraghavan, Suneel, Ritu Varma, Abhinaya, Redin Kingsley,
Y.Gee.Mahendran, Nizhalgal Ravi, Sendrayan, Vishnu Priya Gandhi, Dato Sri G Gnanaraja
and others.

Writer & Director : Adhik Ravichandran
Producer : S.Vinod Kumar – Mini Studio
Music : G.V.Prakash Kumar
DOP : Abinandhan Ramanujam
Editor : Vijay Velukutty
Art Director : R.K.Vijaimurugan
Action : Peter Hein, Dhilip Subbarayan, Kanal Kannan, Dinesh Subbarayan
Choreography: Dinesh, Baba Baskar, Azhar
Dialogues : Adhik Ravichandran
Additional Screenplay : S.J.Arjun, R.Savari Muthu
Lyrics : Madhurakavi, Asal Kolaar, Adhik Ravichandran
Costume Designer : Sathya NJ
Costumer : Seenu
Makeup : Sakthi
Music Supervisor : Jehovahson Alghar
Sound Design & Mixing : Suren, G. S.Alagiya Koothan
VFX : Sanath TG, Sathish CD
DI : B2H
Colorist : Raghunath Varma
Production Executive : Ganesan, S.V.Hari Krishnan
PRO : Riaz K Ahmed
Logo & Publicity Design : Siva Kumar S (Sivadigitalart)

A scientist ( Selvaraghavan) discovers a phone that can connect you to the past which means you can speak to people in the past and thus this way,  can even change any kind of incidents,  leading up to a new future. 

This discovery lands up in the hands of a car mechanic (Vishal) who calls up his mother ( Abhinaya) and this act leads to a series of events wherein he discovers new things about his  dead father ( Vishal ) whom he always hated. His best friend ( SJ Suryah), and his dad ( SJ Suryah) also get pulled into the chain of events, which leads to a series of revelations and unpleasant truths.

What are the secrets uncovered? How does it change all their lives?

The film oscillates between the 70' s and the 90's and the retro effect and settings with references to pop culture, music and films of the period are delightful to watch. 
Kudos to the art and costume departments for getting things right without making them stand out as distractions.

The casting is superb. Vishal does a neat job as father and son, with different mannerisms, voice and body language for both and brings both characters of Mark and Antony alive in his first dual role.

Sj Suryah seems to having the time of his life , letting himself go, biting into the meaty roles of father and son. One of his career best acts. The scenes on the phone between them are among the  highlights. 
The scenes between Vishal and SJ Suryah are a delight, with their perfect chemistry and rapport with each other.

Silk Smitha's recreation is sure to surprise and grabs attention. Watch out for the climax scenes, and the double decker stunts.

The action is superbly handled and the comedy at  the heart of the story,  be it in dialogues or situations, is what makes the film work big time.

Adhik has worked on an unusual subject and made it very engaging. 

GV Prakash's bgm though loud and with hardly any silences, is apt for the situations while the camerawork of Abhimandan Ramanujam is exemplary. The songs are well mounted and whole production seems lavish and grand.

On the flip side, the violence is over the top in several places and the high decibels, be it the bgm or the actors voices, gets too much, taking away from the viewing experience.
 The film seems like it's on fast forward mode, with things constantly happening and changing so fast, that it gives no time to the viewer to absorb what's happening. Ritu Verma doesnt seem to quite fit into this retro world and her role could have been better written to garner interest.

These points aside, Mark Antony, a sci-fi comedy action drama, in theatres from Sep 15th, is  a novel and gripping, whacky, yime travel entertainer, with solid performances, hi octane stunts and plenty of laugh -out -loud   moments all through.

Rating 3.5 /5

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