Movie Review: Parivarthanai


Artists : 

Surjith - Naveen

Swathi - Pavithra

Rajeshwari - Nandhini

Mohith - Naveen (school stage)

Smega - Nandhini (school stage)

Bharathimohan - Pannaiyar

Divyasridhar - Pannaiyar wife

Rail Karthi - Murugesan(Naveen father)

Technicians :

Production, Story, Dialogue - Pori. SenthiVel

Screen play, Direction : S. ManiBharathi.

DOP : K. Gokul.

Music : Rishaanth Arwin.

Editing : Rolex.

Co Director : Elamaaran.

Lyrics : Vjp Ragupathi.

Choreography : Dhina.

Pro : Manavai Bhuvan.

In a small village, 2 school goers Navin and Nanditha fall in love. But the rich parents of Nanditha are against this union.  The boy abd his father, a milk supplier, leave the village.

Years later, when Nandita's friend from college visits her in the village, she finds out a hidden truth that startles her life.

Nandita has not married after the loss of her fitst love. She has adopted a daughter instead.

Pavitra on the other hand,  is married to a rich doctor, Navin, who she discovers is none other than Nanditha's lost love. Their marriage is a sham because Navin is still in love with Nandita. All three are unhappy in life.

Pavitra now comes  to a big decision. How does this impact all their lives?

The performances of all actors are good but the overall feel is that of a tv serial. 

The story of first love as school kids lasting for so long and impacting their adult lives doesnt look convincing on screen. The characters dont articulate their feelings properly either.

The visuals are good and the so is the music. 

But the final decision of the characters doesnt seem convincingly  portrayed though perhaps a modernistic view. 

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