Movie Review :Vaazhvu Thodangumidam Neethanae


Movie Name: Vaazhvu Thodangumidam Neethanae
Producer : Esai, Aditi Esai, Advaita Esai
Co-Producer: Neelima Esai
Written & Directed by: Jeyaraj Palani
Music: Dharshan Ravikumar
Cast: Suruthi Periyasamy , Niranjana Neithiar, Arshath Feras, Arumugavel, RJ Pradeep,
Shankar, Niranjan, Thasmika, Kannan, Maaran Karthikeyan,
H M Mahesh, Siva Shakthi, Sudha and Prasath.
DOP: S Gokulakrishnan
Art Director: Ravi Pandiyan
Editor: Vignesh R L
Lyrics : GKB, Sivasankar
Singers: Kaviya Ajith, Aishwarya Ravichandran, Charumathi
Dialogues & Screenplay: Sathish Siva & Jeyaraj Palani
Executive Producer: Selva Kumar, Tamiliniyan
Costume Designer : Tejaswini Venkat
Makeup: K Prabhakaran, H Latha
Audiographer: Raghu Sravan Kumar
5.1 Mixing and Mastering : Thraya Studios
DI & Colourist: Sethu Selvam (RUMI Studios)
Subtitles: ERAnush Vachu & Afrose
Sound Designer: Sekar
Title Design: Apsara Venkat
Direction Team: Nallaahn, Mohan Roy, Thiru, Mani Karunanidhi, Surya, Saravanan.
Production Manager : M.Sivasankar
PRO : Yuvaraaj

The movie is set in a coastal small town.  A local boy, is all set to marry a childhood schoolmate Zakira ( Niranjana) chosen by his parents to new his bride.
But a few days before the wedding he discovers that the girl of his dreams wants his help to unite with her lover instead. She confides in him to help her. The lover she is talking about is actually a girl, a documentary maker,Vinodha ( Suruthi)  who had from the city,  to this town for a documentary. The duo discovered they had feelings, for each other. 

As their love blossoms, they cannot live without each other.  Do the unite ? Does society accept them? Is there a happy ending to their love story?

The film on lesbianism seeks to portray how love cuts across strata, caste, creed, upbringing and religion.
The screenplay is a tad slow in the beginning with not much clarity on what's going on.  It takes time to build up.  
The actors are very convincing and the leads Niranjana and Suruthi have given a fine performance. 
However the supporting cast members could have been been given better lines and perhaps writing with stronger performances

The bgm is apt and visuals are captivating especially in the boat scenes and songs
The pre-climax emotional outbursts dialogues seem a tad filmi but they get their point across. 

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