Movie Review : Raththam


Vijay Antony
Mahima Nambiar,
Nandita Swetha,
Ramya Nambeesan

Technical Crew

produced by Kamal Bohra, G.Dhananjayan, Pradeep B, and Pankaj Bohra of Infiniti Film Ventures
Music Director  :  Kannan Narayanan
D O P: Gopi Amarnath
Editor: T.S. Suresh  
Stunts: Dhilip Subbarayan
Sound Designer: Vijay Rathinam MPSE
Sound Mix: A M Rahmathulla
Art: Senthil Raghavan
Writing Team : Athisha, Karkibava, Thozhar Aathi
DI : B2H Studios
Colorist: Selvam
VFX Supervisor : DALE VFX
Lyrics: Yuga Bharathi, Arivu, Uma Devi, K.Chandru
Costume Designer: Shimona Stalin
Publicity Design : Chandru - Thandora  
Make Up : Hari Prasad
Stills : Mahesh Jayachandran
Telugu Dialogue & Lyrics : Bashashree
Production Executive: K.Sakthivel  
Head Name : Maruthy Prasad
Executive Producer : Pradeep Subramaniam

A Vaanam media senior journalist gets killed by a frenzied fan of a star Tamilselvan right in the middle of their office, in front of his fiancee Keerthi ( Ramya). 

Ranjit Kumar ( Vijay Anyony) lives in Kolkata with his young daughter. He works in the stables in the city. He suffers from guilt after his wife dies, at not being there for her.  As a result he becomes an alcoholic,  and has left his life as a jpurnalist behind. 

But one day, his ex boss snd father figure, Pandian ( Nizhalgal Ravi) comes in search of him and asks him to come back to work. But he refuses and continues to drink until one day a mishap happens that causes him to go back to Chennai and join work, but not as former editor- in -chief but as a fresher, as he wants to take it slow. 

Crime reporter Madumita ( Nandita Swetha) is asked to take him under her wing.  But Arivakkarasu ( Jegan) recognises him.  However he keeps his identity under wraps.

But when certain killings are on the rise,  Kumar spots a pattern and while investigating, his identity as a renowned journo comes to the fore. Now, Kumar jumps fully into the cases with his team of crime reporters to help.

 What they discover is startling. Kumar's investigations lead him to the new age crime pattern based on psychological profiling with the use of social media, where both the killer and the victim are actually both victims of a mastermind.

Who is behind all these murders made to look like hate crimes? What is their motive? Are the masterminds ever caught?

Vijay Antony fits perfectly into his role as both the broken father and later the investigative journo with a razor sharp mind and courage of conviction. Easily among his best performances.

For Nandita Swetha  as a bold and brainy crime reporter, this is, a different role from her usual and she does a superb job.

Mahima Nambiar shines in a role that brings out different facets of the actor. 

Director Amudhan has brought out in a well researched, slick entertainer, a new age problem in the age of social media which is infirmative for  audiences. 

The screenplay moves swiftly and there are no distraction. Watch out for a rivetting climax. 

A good, gripping, engaging thriller. 

Rating 4/5

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