Movie Review : SAMARA


Writer & Director -Charles joseph

Producer -Mk subhakarn,

Anuj Varghese villyadath

Dop                     - Sinu sidharth

Art                       - Ranjith kotheri

Action                 - Dinesh kasi

Music                  - Deepak warrier

RR                        - Gopi sunder

Editor                  - Don max, RJ Pappan

Costume             - Mariya cinu



Rahman as Antony Jay

Bharath as Dr zakeer Raza khan 

Sanjana dipu as Jaani

Binoj villya  as  Dr Alan Moses

Rahul madhav as  Dr Azad

Govind krishna  as Acp Senthil Kuma

Tinij  as  SI Abhay 

Viviya santh as Honey

Veer aryan as Milan Bawa

Dinesh lamba as James

Sonali sudan as Geetha 

Darish chinoy  as  priest Abraham 

Tom scot as IG kishore 

Bishal prasanna as Soori

The story of Samara ( Malyalam dubbed in Tamil) a sci-fi thriller unfolds in Himachal Pradesh. A former army personnel has a daughter, Jaani, who due to a series of events, contracts a,deadly disease of a man-made virus, part of a bio chemical warfare being  unleashed  by terrorists. The virus,turns humans into beasts. This deadly virus, dates back to Hitler's times and the vaccine secret is held by an old lady in Germany.

Rahman plays the officer in charge of foiling the terror plans of the enemy. Does he succeed in saving Jaani's life? Does he capture the terrorists? Or is there  a deeper secret which is yet to unfold? What is the dark secret of Dr Zakir ( Bharath)?

The sci fi elements, the hunt and the thrilling scenes in the snow, especially the ones related to Jaani and the virus are chilling and well presented. 

The ideas explored about the bio chemical weapon and its history are interestingly shown in the screenplay.

The cast has done a good job, especially the lead actors.  Rahman carries the film with his swag and brings credibility to his character.

The father and daughter scenes are emotional and at the same time chilling towards the end. 

The snow clad mountains and scenery add a character of their own and make for great visuals. Kudos to the camera team.

The edits are slick and the bgm is sound. 

On the flip side,  there are several grusome scenes which are not for the fainthearted. At times the screenplay is a tad slow which is a dampener.

Overall, Samara ( watch out for the ending) makes for an interesting watch. 

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