Movie Review : Kannagi

 Movie Credits:

Cast – Keerthi Pandian, Ammu Abhirami, Vidya Pradeep, Shaalin Zoya, Mayilswamy, Vetri, Adhesh Sudhakar, Mounika, Yashwanth Kishore And Others 

Written & Directed – Yashwanth Kishore 

Production House – Skymoon Entertainment  And  E5 Entertainment 

Music – Shaan Rahman 

Dop – Ramji 

Editor – K. Sarathkumar

Lyrics – Karthik Netha

Art Director – Kumar Gangappan

Background Score And Music – Shaan Rahman & Aravind Sundar

Sync Sound And Sound Design – Rajesh Saseendran

Sound Mix – Ap Kavi

Make Up - Shanmugam

Special Make Up - Ronex Xavier

Executive Producer - S. Vinoth Kumar

Production Executive - G. Kannan

Production Controller- K. Kumar

Costume Designer – Nithya Venkadesan & Nasima Geelan 

Costumer – K Sarangapandi

Stills – Sarathy 

Di -Varna Digital Studios

Founder & Colorist - R. Nandakumar

Line Producer - Francis Xavier A

Color Assist - Ganishwar Selvandran

Di Manager - G. Selvandran

Animation & Vfx- Ram & Vydeeshwar

Pro-Riyas K Ahmed

Publicity Design - Viyaki & Kabilan

Visual Promotions - Gokul Venkat Raja (Gv Mediaworks) 

Direction Team – Ashwin Ram, K Prasath ,R Rajesh Kannan, Sathish Antony ,Ranjith.

Promotions : Varatta studios

Kannagi, starring Keerthi Pandian in the lead is a story revolving around the lives of 4 women characters at different locations from rural to urban, and at different stages of their lives.

All of their issues seem to have a commonality, namely, their relationship status in life, whether it's a girl seeking the right suitor in an arranged marriage ( Ammu Abhirami), or a girl ( Vidya Pradeep) fighting against a forced divorce case of a husband, or an IT professional ( Shaalin Zoya) preferring a no strings- attached, anti marriage, live -in relationship. And lastly,  there is a pregnant woman ( Keerthi Pandian) who is desparately seeking medical help to abort her child.

Why are these women in the situations they are in? What are the problems they encounter, from men, women, colleagues, relatives and society in general ? Do they get over the issues they face in life and the curve balls life throws at them?

Yashwanth Kishore, debut director and also one of the actors in the film, has chosen an interesting set of characters, situations and stories, that grab attention, and may be relatable to members in the audience, be it about women they may know,  or have heard of.

Each of the stories are narrated in a realistic manner, exploring relationships in detail and seek to highlight the issues women face from men and society, with a positive message thrown in at the end.

On the downside are extended scenes, with melodrama, and sometimes over-acting, that fail to hit home and which could do with editing. Songs act as speed breakers in places. Issues are touched upon but left unexplored. Defiant behaviour is shown to try to prove a point, but doesnt quite make a mark.

Watch out however, for a solid climax which is interesting and unpredictable. Keethi Suresh's performance at the end, makes you wish there was more of this fine actor in the film. 

Rating 3/5

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