Movie Review : Vattara Vazhakku


cast & crew :

Hero - santhosh nambhirajan as "sengai maran"

Heroine - raveena ravi as "thotichi"

Villan - vijay sathya as "bodhannan"

Artist - paruthiveeran venkatesh as "dhesingu"

Viji as "kannu servai"

Subramaniyapuram vichithran as "takaru"

Jet Prasanna as "boopandi"

Murugesan as "thotal"

Eswaran as "enal"


Kannusamy Ramachandran (writer,director/producer)

Ilaiyaraaja (musician)


Tony Chan (cinematographer)

Suresh maniyan (cinematographer)

Sudesh (fight master)

Madura Talkies and Anjaneya Movies' Vattara Vazhakku stars Raveena Ravi and Santhosh, and is directed by newbie Kannusamy Ramachandran.

The film is set near Madurai and flows with nativity of the region. A period film which flows from the 60's to the 80's traces the story of feuds between two major families, which seems unabated.

Santosh Nambirajan plays a ruffian (Sengai Maran)who is part of the feud is a violent man. But when he falls in love with a feisty girl in the village Thotichi (RaveenaRavi) he wants to settle down. 

But as luck would have it,  things don't let up and soon one things leads to another and more deaths happen due to the longstanding enemities.

 Also, a tragedy strikes his love after a freak incident. What happens to the lovers? Does the violence in the village ever abate?

The film reflects the nativity of the region that it showcases, in a credible manner  with the body language and dialect of the actors on screen. The local customs, humor and their unique lifestyle are well brought to life.

The tough life,  the volatile nature of the feuding people and the high running emotions, are credibly brought alive on screen by the director and the ace performances of the actors. 

The leads do  a superb job  with Santosh transforming himself into the character completely. Raveen Ravi too, plays the village belle with a mind of her own, to perfection and leaves a mark. 

The visuals are apt and so is the music. However, a bit of editing and slower  dialogue delivery by few characters would have been welcome. Too many characters are  presented and one takes time to absorb the inter-personal relations and goings on. 

The action scenes are shot with a natural flavour. The songs too are well conceptualised, with imbibing the local feel.

An emotional, action  story with a unique nativity flavour.

Rating 3/5


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