Movie Review:Odavum Mudiyadhu Oliyavum Mudiyadhu

 Film Name - Odavum Mudiyadhu Oliyavum Mudiyadhu 


Sathymurthi as sathya

Vijaya Kumar Rajendran as Vijay

Gopi aravind as Gopi

Sudhakar Jayaraman as Sudhakar

Munishkaanth as M.Dharmaraj

George Maryan as Christopher kannaiyan

Riythvika as Geetha

Harija as Harija

Yaashika aanand as Isha

RS karthik as Micheal

Sha ra as Gobi

Abdool as Abdool

Crane manohar as Uthama raja

Augustine as Prakash

Santhosh as Chinraasu

Jaiseelan as SK

Nandha as Nandha

Ajith as Trump 

Charukesh as Aravinth


Direction - Ramesh Venkat

Music - Kaushik Krish

DOP - Joshua J Perez

Editor - Ganesh siva

Sound Mix - Harish Kumar

Colorist - Nandha Kumar (I Gene)

Stunt - Suresh Horse Babu

Art director- V. Sasi kumar

Art assistant- Raja, Gnanavel

Costumer- Ravindran

Make up - Shanmugam

Dubbing engineer - Rajesh

VFX - Aksha Animation ( Ashok Kumar )

SFX - Prem Kumar

Production Manager  - Siva Kumar

PRO - SathishKumar 

Publicity Designer - Yuvaraj Ganesan, Yadav JBS

Production House : 

Akshaya Pictures 


The film centres around a bunch of youngsters who go to a ramshackle theatre to watch a movie.  There are other sets of people at the theatre too which is mostly empty. A ghost film is playing on the screen. Before they know it all sorts of strange noises and activities begin to plague them. To add to their troubles, there is no escape from the place. 

One thing leads to another and before you know it they are besieged by a set og ghosts who tell them their backstory. There is also a  vicious film ptoducer involved who is the reason for thieir death. 

Do the ghosts get their vengeance? Do the innocent people escape from the theatre, to safety?

The film is a thriller comedy with ghosts added to the menu. The team of proficient actors ( see list) doba credible job. The screenplay however  seems to drag a bit through the first half, with jokes getting a tad repetitive in places. 

The second half however, picks up with things falling into place, with an interesting premise.

 However not all the jokes land. The dilapidated surroundings dont quite add to the visual experience, though the art department has done a good job.  The humor gets slapstick at times. 

Overall, a good effort by a talented team.

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