Movie Review: Byri


Syed Majeed - rajalingam

Meghana Ellen - sharon

Viji Sekar -  saraswathi (Amma)

John Glady - Amal

Saranya Ravichandran - Chithra 

Ramesh Arumugam – ramesh pannaiyar

Vinu Lawrence - suyambu

Anand  Kumar – Thirumal (rajalingam Appa)

Karthick Prasanna - villiyam 

Francis Kiruba  – ravichandran (Chithra Appa)

Rajan – Amal Appa


Produced  - V.Durai Raj 

Written and directer  - John Glady 

DOP - A.V. Vasantha Kumar 

Music director - Arun Raj 

Editor - R.S.Sathish Kumar

Fight master - Vicky 

Art directer – Anish

Choreography – Srikrish

SFX - Sathish 

Sound design - Raja Nallaiah 

Costume design - Dinesh ft 

Makeup – Kumaresan

VFX - Sekar Murugan 

Lyrics - Karthik Netha, Mohan Rajan, Pon manoban 

DI - Get in dream studios

Co Director - Ganga Ram, 

Associate Director – S. Panneer Selvam, 

First Assistants - Mahesh Casber, Jaiso'n.

Executive producer - Pon Manoban, Dinesh Kumar

stills - A.J.J jovieh

Designs - Design point 

Lyric video - Fix it in post Promotion 

Production Manager - S.Mariyappan

PRO - Nikil Murukan

Set in a village in interior TN, the film centres around the sport of pigeon racing.

Rajalingam ( Syed Majeed) is passionate about raising pigeons for racing. His mother cautiins him about following this path and giving up studies but he turns a deaf ear.

In his passion for the sport, he soon developz enemities in powerful places. His best friend who comes to his aid, also bears the consequences of his actions.

Matters soon reach a head after a crucial pigeon race and things go out of hand. What happens to Rajalingam ? How do his actions affect the village folk and his loved ones? Does he survive the danger around him?

The film is a fast paced action drama with a  raw and rugged quality being its highlight. This also lends its a realistic touch which transports you into the world of its characters.

Be it the local dialect, body language, expressions or  dialogue delivery, in every way,  the entire cast does a splendid job of bringing the characters to life. Syed deserves kudos for his raw and realistic performance.

The pigeon racing paraphenelia is well documented, right from the homes made for the pigeons, to the manner of racing. The vfx team deserves kudos here as well.

Emotions run high all through and this makes for loud and fast dialogues which may not be grasped easily by those unfamiliar with the local dialect.

The action, though raw, is at places grusome, as in the climax. The scenes of  killing of the birds, though perhaps vfx, is also not for the faint hearted. 

The film delves into the history of the sport and leaves you with the promise of an interesting sequel.

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