Movie Review: Marakkuma Nenjam


Marakkuma Nenjam Cast & Crew list


Rakshan As Karthik

Malina As Priyadharshini

Dheena As Salim

Rahul As Gautham

Swetha Venugopal As Saranya

Muthazhagan As Raghav

Melvin Dennies As Joseph

Munishkanth As Karthikeyan (PT Sir) 

Arun Kurian As Arjun

Akila As Jennifer(Maths Miss)

Ashika Kader as lintosha

Natalie Lourds As Shilpha

Vishvath as yogi


Writter & Director - Raako.Yoagandran 

Cinematographer- Gopi Duraisamy

Music - Sachin Warrier

Editors – Balamurali,Shashank Mali

Art Director - Prem Karunthamalai

Lyrics – Thamarai

Costume Designer - Ramya Sekar

Additional Screenplay - Akshay Poolla

Additional Dialogue - Prasanth S, Dheena

Sound Designers - Sukumar Nallagonda, Shrikanth Sundar (The Soundaholics) 

Sound Mix - Jaison Jose (Four Frames)

Colorist – Veeraragavan

Costumes - Naresh

Makeup - Ravi

PRO - Sathish Kumar

Publicity Design - Heeds Ad Tech Solutions 

Designers - Prithivi Raj, Suman, Murugavel, Sri Hari Sankar, 

Dubbing Studio - Granta Sound Company

Dubbing Engineer - Kashyap Rammohan, Santom Jose

Stills - Pugazh

VFX - Monolith Technologies Pvt Ltd, Tinge of Hues Post Factory, Chennai 

Production Executive - Selva Shanmugam

Creative Producer - Sriram Ananthashankar

Executive Producer - Anirudh Vallabh

Production Companies - Filia Entertainment Pvt Ltd. & Kuviyam Mediaworks

Producers - Raghu Yelluru - Ramesh Panchagnula - Janardhan Chowdary - Raako.Yoagandran

The film takes the viewer back into his school days with this story.  Karthik ( Rakshan) and his bestie Salim ( Dheena) go back to school after 10 years, due to an issue relating to their 10 std exams.

There the duo meet their close school buddies and Karthik who has been harbouring his love for Priyadarshini ( Malina) is waiting for an opportunity to tell her his  feelings. 

Does he succeed? What is her reaction? What have all the other friends in the group been up to in all these years? What are the experiences they share?

The story is like a walk down memory lane. The actors have been well chosen, and bring credibility to their roles, moving swiftly and credibly to their younger selves as school students, retaining the innocence and enthusiasm for that age. The camaraderie of the buddies has been well conceptualised and translates well on celluloid. Kudos to all the actors.  Rakshan and newbie Malina make a good pair.

The classroom scenes, though a tad infantilec and repetitive in various places, overall manage to keep you invested in the characters.

The romantic track towards the end,  exudes a timelessness and beauty in the way it is shot thanks to exotic locations superbly captured.

There is humor, emotion, teenage crushes and crises and the angst of  the period, all, well presented. Munishkant livens up the screen with his presence with a cute romance. Dheena's lively performance and witty lines are another highlight.

However, a few things like how Karthik waited for 10 years without declaring his love and yet hoped to get her,  seems a tad far fetched. The classroom inside such a posh school seems a tad unkempt.

One of the highlights of the film are the scenic locations and breathtaking beauty of Nature in the region it is set. The screenplay too movies fairly fast. The lack of melodrama and messaging are a plus.

Overall  the teenage love story, seems to be a nod to old school love and longing presented in a clean manner for family audiences.

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