Movie Review: Ranam Aram Thavarel



Nandita Swetha

Tanya Hope

Saras Menon 

Suresh Chakravarthi


Darling Madhan 

Jeeva Subramaniam 


Vilangu Kicha Ravi 



Produced by Madhu Nagarajan


Written & Direction by: Sherief

Music: Arrol Corelli

Dop: Balaji K Raja

Executive Producer: Udhayakumar Balaji 

Editor: Muniez 

Art Director: ManiMozhiyan Ramadurai

Singers: GV Prakash Kumar, Shreya Goshal, Mathichiyam Bala, Pranithi, Raghotham, Sherief 

Lyrics: Vivek - Shereif - Arrol Corelli

Choreography: Amir Ads

Stunt: Billa Jagan & Om Prakash

PRO: Sathish Kumar

Sound Design: Randy Raj

Production house : Mithun Mithra Productions 

Producer: Madhu Nagarajan

 An interesting investigative thriller, Ranam is also Vaibhav's 25th film, is directed by debutant Shereiff.

When a series of incidents take place, involving burnt limbs and a torso appearing at key points in the city, along with a half burnt mask, special facial  reconstructive sketch artist, Siva, played by Vaibhav, is called on the scene by cops to try and identify the deceased.

But soon things begin to go haywire, as the cop incharge of the case himself is killed. Another officer, Indhuja,( Tanya Hope) is called  in and continues work on the case, taking the sketch artist's help.

Soon,  a shocking revelation is made, after a series of clues and chases. What is the truth behind these murders? Are the dead persons connected to the killer in any way? What is the backstory of the sketch artist and his deceased wife ( Saras Menon)? 

The director puts to good use, a non-linear screenplay, keeping the viewer gluued to the screen with grey cells working overtime to connect the dots.

At the heart of the film are several issues, right from a type of crime rarely explored in cinema ( the director points out the crimes are based on true events reported in the news), to the fight between  the right and wrong means of availing justice. The film seems to stand out from other thrillers with these aspects.

There are lots of twists and red herrings, keeping the viewer invested in the proceedings from start to finish.

Though it deals with crime, at its core is an emotional story, brought to the fore by the role of Kalki ( Nandita Shweta), who appears in the second half but steals the show with her measured performance.

Vaibhav veers away from his usual jolly selff in movies, shifting gears to a more serious role, displaying the gravitas of a man who has suffered  in life and developed a deeper understandiing of life and human nature, delving deep within himself. Vaibhav scores big time with his 25th film and delivers a finely honed performance.

Tanya Hope does a fine job  as a no-nonsense cop , playing her role  with commendable precision and credibility. The compatibility and ease of the dealings of Indhuja and Siva as they attempt to solve the case, is good to watch.

Saras Menon as the love interest of Siva does a commendable job in her brief but crucial appearance.

With the suspense maintained till the end, the film makes for a gripping watch.

On the flip side are scenes which maybe hard to watch, like burnt bodies, the type of crime itself, the excess of info given which gets too much to absorp all at once at times and the speed at which the screenplay suddenly seems to move in the second half.

However, overall Ranam despite its speed breakers, is an enagaging entertainer  which  ample provides food for thought on ethics and justice and makes for a solid outing that ensures it stands out amongst others in the genre.

In theatres from Feb 23rd.

Rating 3.5 /5

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