Movie Review : Siren

By Rinku Gupta

 Thilagan ( Jayam Ravi) is out on parole after more than a decade. While his mother (Thulasi) and sister ( Chandini) are thrilled about having him home for 14 days, his teenage daughter ( who lost her mother as a toddler) cannot stand the sight of him, as she is mocked in school for having a father who is  in jail for murder. 

Thilagan who yearns for her, understands her pain and doesn't impose his presence on her. A shadow policeman Velankanni ( Yogi Babu) is put on duty to keep a track of Thilagan, who is otherwise model of good behaviour and the duo, begin to  get along very well as the story progresses.

But as Thilagan goes about his life with his family, he comes under suspicion by Nandini ( Keerthy Suresh), an officer who feels that he is connected to several murders that have taken place in the same time line as his parole period.

Who are the murdered people and why have they been killed? Are they connected to Thilagan's past life as a young man? Does Thilagan have an ulterior motive and is her really behind the killings? What  is the truth and does Nandini discover it? Does Thilagan get back the affection of his estranged daughter whom he loves dearly?

Director Anthony Bhagyaraj effectively gives us a story with several layers. The film tailors together several genres, giving something for everyone. The film begins with a touch of intrigue and emotion, surrounding Thilagan; who is he and why is he in jail, has he really committed murder when in fact he is a  model prisoner and a do - gooder?

 The narration successfully gets the viewer pulled into the story to find out the truth. The subsequent happenings take the film on the course of a suspense thriller and then revenge drama as the cops try to unravel the mystery of the killings. 

All along there is a strong emotional connect with Thilagan and his family and his relationship with them. The comedy content runs parallel with Yogi Babu's presence. 

The film is held together by the superb performance of Jayam Ravi who has chosen a script that brings out his acting chops and keeps the viewer glued with  a racy screenplay and emotional connect. Carrying the salt and pepper look with panache, a range of expressions from love, yearning, despair and revenge  are superbly brought out by the consummate actor.  Be it the scenes in prison, those with his family, daughter, Keerthy, his performance as his younger self, with his wife Jenny ( Anupama Parameswaran) or his repartee with Yogi Babu, he delivers a measured and layered act that keeps you glued. Kudos to Ravi for essaying  a senior's role on screen and pulling it off with finesse.

Keerthy makes her presence felt with a superb body language as the commanding  the young officer queen a mind of her own and proves her  mettle once again, delivering a wide range of emotions while packing a punch with equal aplomb.  The combo scenes with Jayam Ravi are to watch out for.

Thulasi, Chandini, Samudrakani, Anupama and the supporting cast do a fine job with neat performances.

The visuals are good, the songs are well conceptualised and executed. However,  the BGM goes several notches higher than usual and at times even drowns the dialogue. The almost constant, loud bgm also seems to take away from giving the viewer his own time to absorb the scenes and feel the emotions. 

Though the director manages to keep the suspense heightened all through, at times too many things seem to happen at once, with a lot of info to absorb in a short time. The backstory flashback  part seems a tad stretched, coming as it does close to the climax, and loosens the otherwise crisp feel of the film. 

With its commendable performance of Jayam Ravi at its core, a revenge drama and  emotional entertainer with a splendid cast, manages to keep you invested and hooked till the end, with its overall treatment of a suspense thriller with a revenge angle. With its racy screenplay and twists at every turn, mass moments, a cat and mouse game with engaging dialogues, Siren makes a resounding arrival for family audiences in theatres, from February 16th. 

Rating 3.5 / 5



Jayam Ravi

Keerthy Suresh

Anupama Parameswaran

Yogi Babu


Produced By Sujatha Vijaykumar

Production Company – Home Movie Makers

Co Producer Anusha Vijaykumar

Written & Directed By Antony Bhagyaraj A

G.V. Prakash Kumar Musical

Dop Selva Kumar Sk

Editor Ruben

Production Designer Kadhir K

Art Director Sakthee Venkatraj M

Stunt Dhilip Subbarayan

Choreography Brinda

Costume Designers Anu Parthasarathy, Archa Metha, Nithya Venkadesan, Jefferson T

Executive Producer Omaar

Production Executive Sakkarathalvar G

Production Manager Askar Ali A

Promotions Head Shiyam Jack

Pro Sathish (AIM)

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