Movie Review: Vithaikkaran



Starring :


Simran Gupta




Subramaniam Siva

John Vijay

Pavel Navageethan

Japan Kumar

Banner : White Carpet Films

Produced by : K.Vijay Pandi

Written & Directed by : Venki

Music : VBR

DOP : Yuva Karthick

Editor : Arul Elango Siddharth

Art : G.Durairaj

Stunts : Stunner Sam

Costume Designer : Kiruthika Sekhar

Production Controller: S.N.Asraf

Production Executive: Hakkim Sulaiman

Stills : S.P.Suresh

PRO : Sathish (AIM)

Motion Poster: Aathi

Publicity Designer : Thandora

Co-Producer : R. Murali Krishnan

Associate Directors: A.Abilash, Aneesh Rathenam, Maris

Assistant Directors: G.Hariharan, Rajeshwaran.J, V.Prabakaran, V.K Senthil Rajan, Sriram GV, Vaseekaran Dhanavel, Zubedh Syed

Vetri ( Sathish) is a consummate magician, who has learnt the craft from his father as a kid.

Cut to the present, when Vetri encounters three criminals ( Anandraj,Madhusudhan, Subramania Siva)  who were once friends, but now are sworn enemies. All three are dons of their trade of smuggling gold and diamonds. Vetri impresses them with his skills and convinces them that he can help them get their goods out of the airport and the port, in exchange for a part of the share.

The conmen accept his offer. What happens next is a series of escapades at the port and the airport, withVetri leading the way. Close on his heels is also an investigative journalist ( Simran Gupta).

Does Vetri succeed  in his plans? Do the conmen con Vetri out of the loot or does he get away? 

Director Venki, ( a former associate of Lokesh Kanakaraj) in his debut film, has churned out a rib-tickling comedy, with a solid backstory, recounted in an entertaining manner.

His choice of actors is a major highlight, with each performining with perfect credibility. Sathish in the lead, delivers a fine performance, staying away from witty oneliners in his typical style, but delivering instead, a sincere performance, keeping us on tenterhooks about his actual intent all through. He is able supported by the rest of the cast, with Anandraj and Madhusudhan, Chaams, Japan Kumar and the actor who plays  the sardarji, keeping the laughs coming with their superb acts. The comedy is in the way the scenes are written and the expressions and body language along with the dialogues of every character. There are hilarious scenes aplenty with never a dull moment in the film.

Simran Gupta as the intelligent journo and Dharani as the love of Vetri, make a mark.

The BGM is kept at a lower decibel ( unlike severel movies of late, which blast the sound and that too, almost non-stop at times) and is present only when needed, giving the viewer time to absorb the proceedings, connect with the characters and react to the humor on screen. 

An unusual storyline and non-liner screenplay works largely as the laughs almost never cease even as the suspense levels are high all through. 

Vithakkaaran is a solid outing for Sathish and a promising debut for director Venki ( who also does a cameo). A most entertaining outing for family audiences this summer.

Currently in theatres from Feb 23rd.

Rating 3.5/ 5

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