Movie Review : Nalla Perai Vanga Vendum Pillaigale

Nalla Perai Vanga Vendum Pillaigale is a take on modern concepts of love, friendship and understanding of the opposite sex, narrated with humor, emotions and a contemporary feel.

Ravichandran (Senthur Pandian) is a youth from a small town who spends his time on social media, his close friends and  hooking up with girls when he can. 
One time,  he happens to meet Arasi ( Preethy Karan) on social media. On a whim, he decides to ride on a motorbike with his friend, all the way to another town,  to give her a gift on her birthday. When she is surprised and invites him home, he is convinced he can score with her,  as her parents are away. 
Imagine his surprise when he grandmom is home instead.  But still,  he feels upbeat when Arasi agrees to take a ride with him to a nearby town of Poompuhar.
Once there,  Ravi tries to kiss her,  but totally shocked, Arasi  spurns him with a kick.

Ravi is hurt, at this unexpected turn and  his ego takes a bad beating.  What happens next? 

The movie takes its own time to pick up the pace, as it introduces the way of life and workings of the minds of young boys, to the viewer. 
But as the trip with Arasi proceeds, the film warms up to its topic, which seems to be,  to peel off the layers of  misunderstanding about the opposite sex, and through dialogue and the experiences of the characters, portray the difference between love, lust, friendship between the sexes and freedom of choice.
Senthur Pandian and Preethy do a superb job of bringing to life their characters. Suresh Madiazhagan as the friend fits the role to a T.

The dialogues seem natural and realistic which gives the film its rooted feel but there is also a sprinkling of colorful bad words here and there. 

The journey the youngsters undertakes ties up with thier inner journey of understanding and evolution, lending a nice touch to  the story.

There are several interesting scenes between the boys, at Poompuhar, the bike repair incident and more, which are engaging.

Despite its unconventional, non-filmi making, ( which takes some getting used to) the film still  manages to work and entertains overall, (thanks to its witty dialogues and insights into the mind of today's youth).  Watch out for the climax sequences.


Pradeep Kumar

Cast: Actor name – Character 

Senthur Pandiyan- Ravichandran 

Preethy Karan – Arasi 

Suresh Madhiazhagan - Gandhi

Poornima Ravi – Sofia Banu

Tamilselvi – Safeena Banu


Prasath Ramar


Prasath Ramar


Pradeep Kumar


Udhay Thangavel


Radhakrishnan Dhanapal


Vijay Adhinathan

Thanks to:

Raja Mayavaram

Mynaa studios Mayavaram


Next Mini Tollgate Tea shop

Kamakshi Bhavan - Mayavaram

DI Colorist


Title CG

Sathish Sekar

Opening Credits Animation

isquare Media

Title & poster Designs

Yadhav JB



Sound Mixing:

G. Suren

Sound Design:

G. Suren


Mixing Studios

4 Frames


Varna Digital Studios

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