Movie Review: Netru Indha Neram

 The story unfolds as a flashback when a group of youngsters meet up for a trip at Ooty. But a crime takes place that shakes them up. One of their friends, Nikhil, has disappeared.

When the cops investigate, a backstory emerges about the dissonance in the friends group.  Ritika was in love with Nikhil ( Shariq) from 3 years. But on the third anniversary of their love she finds out he is not open to marriage which hurts her. 
Another friend,  Rohit, then proposes to her which leads to a fight between him and Nikhil. Nithya is another friend in the group who loves Hrithik.
In the meanwhile Rohit needs money and decides to win it from Nikhil in a game of cards. But Nikhil wins the game instead.
Rohit also reveals that he spotted a serial killer on the loose.

Shreya loves Rohit who shuns her. She reveals to the cops that Nikhil was a junkie and it was she who instigated him against Rohit telling him about how he proposed to Ritika, leading to a fight. Very soon Rohit too disappears.
Overall, every character seems to have an axe to grind with another and many of them have motive to hate Nikhil and Rohit.

Who is responsible for the disappearance and possible murders of Nikhil and Rohit?

The film displays rich visuals showcasing the beauty of the hill station, with the lush gardens and lavish resort of the youngster.

However the narration style is a tad old fashioned and with so many characters'names being tossed around it gets tough to recall. 

Though an investigative thriller, a lot of talking just goes on  face to face in sofas with close up shots, giving a dated making impression, leaving the viewer  struggling to keep listening attentively. 

The way the friends discuss murder so matter- of -factly seems a tad  tough to digest and also takes away from suspense and thrills near the climax.

The non-linear narration and the number of characters add to the confusion. 

Shariq has done a good job as Nikhil. The other actors have done what's required.

On the whole the film could have done with better writing, staging and screenplay to keep the viewer invested in the story.

NETRU INDHA NERAM - Cast & Crew Details


Shariq Hassan
Monica Ramesh
Kavya Amira
Divakar Kumar
Nithin Aaditya


Written & Directed by: Sai Roshan KR

Music: Kevin.N

Original Background Score: Kevin.N

DOP: Vishal.M

Executive Producer: Lalgudi M Hariharan

Editor: Govindh N

Singers: GV Prakash Kumar, Arivu, Aadithya RK, Ravi G, Paul B Sailus, Kevin.N, Reshma Shyam, Prithvee

Lyrics: Prabhakaran Amudhan, Paul B Sailus, Prithvee, Kevin.N, K.R. Naveen Kumar, Sai Roshan KR, Anand

Action Director: Om Prakash

PRO: Sathishwaran

Sound Design: Lalgudi M Hariharan

Production house: Clapin Filmotainment

Producer: K.R. Naveen Kumar

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