Movie Review: Aranmanai 4

 Selvi ( Tamannah) is married  to an house restorer ( Santhosh prathap) who is restoring an old palace in a small village.  One day her brother Saravanan ( Sundar C) who lives in the city,  hears that she has committed suicide after her husband's sudden death.

He goes to the village with his aunt ( Kovai Sarala) to investigate, since he feels Selvi would never commit suicide. There he meets a doctor ( Raashi Khanna), who is the daughter of the zamindar ( Delhi Ganesh), the  original  owner of the palace.

There he encounters strange happenings. One young man dies a strange death. Another cop too dies. Saravanan learns via a samiyar that all the happenings are due to a supernatural force from Assam called Baak in their folklore.

Next on its target is Selvi's daughter. Can Saravanan protect her? Can he avenge Selvi's death? 

The film is mounted on a grand scale with the grand aranmanai dominating the scene.

Though set in a village, the making is  trendy and befitting todays times. The   scenes using modern technology and  good vfx give a contemporary touch to the film.

The Assamese  folklore Baak element of the story is woven excellently into the screenplay giving a novel feel to the genre and gives this franchise a distinct edge over  the previous ones. 

The scenes with the samiyar, Santhosh Prathap, and every time the baak takes on a new form, are grippingly shot, keeping you on the edge  of the seat. 

Yogi Babu and VTV Ganesh's comedy with both comedians in a different get-up and avatars gets the laughs in most places and leaves an impact.   Motta Raendran makes a brief appearance in another fun scene. Kovai Sarala brings her natural excellence to the fore in scenes which elicit a good laugh.

Tamannah, with a captivating performance, in the part of the simple, innocent but strongly protective mother and  housewife  who will do anything to save her kids from evil. Clad in a simple sari, she looks gorgeous. She strikes a chord with the audience in the emotional scenes.  The actor proves her mettle in a well -etched character and the jojo song is one of the highlights of her connect with her children.

Raashi Khanna as the doctor adds glamour to her role, which she plays out in a dignified manner, suitable to her character. 

Sundar C as the repentant, loving brother out to save his dead sister's daughter from danger to her life, does a splendid job,  be it in the emotional dialogues with Kovai Sarala about his sister,  or in the action scenes, especially in the climax. 

 Watch out for a scintillating grand song and dance at  Thiruvizha with 2 surprises in store for fans. The number is filmed outstandingly, leading up to a rivetting, grandiose climax scene,  which keeps you hooked with suspense and goosebumpy moments. 

Also watch out for  the end credits is the famed Achacho song with Raashi Khanna and Tamanaah, set to Hip Hop Aadhi's peppy beat, which looks grand on the big screen.

A different take on the usual horror trope of the previous films in the franchise, with solid performances by the leads, comedian and villains, solud vfx and grand sets, enthralling locations, thrilling vfx and sound effects, peppy tracks and apt bgm by Hip Hop Tamizha, and a terrific,  grand climax, make Aranmanai 4 a family entertainer for lovers of the horror- drama -comedy mix genre.

Rating 3.75 / 4

அரண்மனை 4


சுந்தர் .சி - சரவணன்

தமன்னா - செல்வி

ராஷி கண்ணா - மாயா

சந்தோஷ் பிரதாப் - இஞ்சினியர்

யோகி பாபு - மேஸ்திரி

டெல்லி கணேஷ் -  ஜமீன்

கருடா ராம் - சுவாமி ஜீ

விடிவி கணேஷ் - கார்பெண்ட்டர்

கதை, திரைக்கதை, இயக்கம் - சுந்தர்.சி

தயாரிப்பு - குஷ்பு சுந்தர் (Avni Cinemax P Ltd), ஏ.சி.எஸ் அருண்குமார் (Benzz Media Pvt Ltd)

இசை - ஹிப்ஹாப் தமிழா

திரைக்கதை வசனம் - வேங்கட்ராகவன்

ஒளிப்பதிவு - ஈ.கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தி

படத்தொகுப்பு - பென்னி ஓலிவெர்

கலை இயக்குனர் - குருராஜ்

சண்டைப்பயிற்சி - ராஜசேகர்

நடனம் - பிருந்தா

பாடல்கள் - கோசேஷா, விக்னேஷ் ஶ்ரீ காந்த், முத்தமிழ்

மக்கள் தொடர்பு - சதீஷ் (AIM)

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