Movie Review : Kanni

 Two women Sembi and Rangi come with a toddler in tow to a remote, almost deserted village on a rocky hilltop. They have come to meet their grandfather.

During the visit they encounter many strangers in the small village that is almost deserted except for  few. 

Violent happenings take place and many people are killed by  goons who are looking for Sembi.

Why are they after her? What does she have with her that they want? Does she survive and save her life and those of her loved ones?

Kanni is shot in a rocky mountain village for the most part which looks like a tough prospect for the actors.  But kudos to the team for pulling it off. Chases, action, fights, all on stony rocky surfaces looks like  real challenge. 

But the deserted village  ruins constantly shown becomes a tad difficult to watch on repeat mode though it adds to the atmosphere. 

The villains are scary to watch and looks like the actors seem to have  done their roles well. But the torture and bloodletting become too gory to watch and could have been toned down. 

Ashwini Chandradekar as Sembi has done a fantaatic job, portraying both Sembi's vulnerability and strength  and also her resilience and sincerity  spectacularly. She carries the film on her shoulders. 

The other actors have also given solid performances though the foreigners portion could have done with a tad better dubbing. Many local people seem to have been used as actors.

The film overall tries to talk about protecting ancient wisdom and heritage which people want to exploit for money and the message is a noble one. But the film meanders too long before coming to the point and many issues that could have been also dealt with seem to have been lost out on, with more focus on villains and violence. 

The portions with the grandmother and the happy family in the village stand out. The makers have brought out well, the simple but tough  rural lifestyle of people with sincerity.

Overall, a film with its heart in the right place.

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