Movie Review: Padikaathu Pakkangal

 Sreeja ( Yashika Anand) an actor,  is aquitted of a crime in court due to lack of evidence. She goes to a cemetry with Shaam ( Prajin) and her manager ( George Maryam). Who is the deceased person? What is the crime she is accused of?

A psychotic killer Pugazh, an imposter pretending to be a reporter ( Muthu)  whom he has killed,  takes her hostage in  her hotel room. When she gets the better of him and ties him up and asks who is he,  he reveals his backstory. He belongs to a group of powerful friends, Rudra and gang, all  from rich and powerful families,who blackmail girls and abuse them. Later they use them to get benefits for their business.

The captive Pugazh threatens that his cronies will soon reach the hotel.

But suddenly the tables are turned. Sreeja reveals a shocking secret which shocks Pugazh.

What happens next? What is Sreeja really upto ? What is the reason for her vendetta?  What is Sreeja's  connect to Darshini, one of the victims? Why was she tried in court? What is the reason behind all these actions?

The film tries to highlight the plight of innocent girls who are exploited and blackmailed by a gang who lure them as boyfriends after winning theit trust, all for bigger ,higher monetary gains.

The vigilante type thriller has an interesting plot with enough twists in the screenplay to grab attention. Few commercial elements have been added but they don't really add to the plot.

Yashika Anand as Sreeja the vengeful sister has a substantial role and she does justice to her role.  The glamorous elements of her presence have been exploited to the hilt.

The scenes of grusome violence seem to be the flavour of the day in Kollywood and in this film too gory , bloodied scenes have been included which could have been toned down. 

Overall a vendetta thriller with violence, a steadily moving screenplay with emotions and  twists to keep one's interest going which could have done with better making and less needless glamour and gory violence

*Padikkaatha Pakkaangal details* 


hero prajan (sham) 

heroine yashika annandh (sirija)

physico villan- muthukumar 

hotel owner George marian 

villan- aadhanga Balaji & rudhra

sister character -Dharrshiny


Smoviepark and Pournami pictures.

 Presents " Padikkadha Pakkangal"

Cast : Yashika Aannand, Prajin, George Maryan, Muthu Kumar, Balaji, Loolu Saba Manogar

Written and Directed by Selvam Mathappan

Producer : SELVAM & Muthukumar

Dialogue : Selvam Mathappan

Music : Jassie Gift

Lyrics : Vairamuthu

DOP : Dolly

Background Score : S S Sayi Dev V

Editor : Sharan Shanmugam

Choreography : Noble JCK

VFX : Moorthy - D Note

DI & Mixing : JGEE Studio

Audiography : Noble

Costume : Sekar

Makeup : Pradeep, Priyanka

Stunts : Miratal Selva

Art : Manju

Stills : Shivu

PRO : Guna

Publicity Designs : Twenty.One.G

Manager : Ravikumar, Mohan

Co Director : S.Pandymaharaja & Thangamari

Associate : Director Raja Mari

Production Designer : Mass Shanmugam

Audio Partner : New Music

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