Grand Kanaappa teaser launch held !

 We shot 'Kannappa' on the order given by the Lord Shiva," said Dr.Mohan Babu at the teaser launch event

Vishnu Manchu's dream project 'Kannappa' is being shot on a grand scale by AVA Entertainments and 24 Frames Factory banners. This movie is produced by Dr.Mohan Babu and directed by Mukesh Kumar Singh. The teaser of this film was released on Friday, and the launch event was organized in a grand manner. During this program

 *Dr.Mohan Babu said,* "Kannappa is new to any generation. How did the great poet Dhurjati wrote this with lot of devotion? What is the significance of srikalahasti? We have shown that in this film. It was made with a lot of effort. Great actors from four corners of India have been involved in this film. I did Sarath Kumar's film Pedarayudu in Telugu. He is a great actor and can play any role. It is not just a devotional film; it includes various elements. We made this movie on the command of Lord Parameshwara. First, we spoke to Krishnam Raju garu for Kannappa. He suggested taking Kannappa for Vishnu, and Krishnam Raju also gave the story written for Prabhas. We will organize many more events in the future. Not only me as a producer, but the entire Kannappa team needs the blessings of all the people."

 *Vishnu Manchu said,* " From the day one to till now 'Kannappa' is being promoted on the shoulders of every audience. I have seen the support from fans through social media. That's why I invited some of them here. Kannappa's journey has begun in 2014. In 2015, when I was developing Kannappa, Tanikella Bharani garu completely entrusted it to me. I was able to bring Kannappa to the screen because of the encouragement given by my god, my father Mohan Babu, Vinni, and brother Vinay. The team was not set, but I started hunting for locations. I prepared everything to start production if Lord Shiva gave permission, I should be able to start the project. Last year, Lord Shiva granted permission. We began the film's shoot. We could make the film only because of his blessings. Kannappa is not mythology; Kannappa is our history. Don’t believe it to be fiction; it is a story from the second century during the Chola kings' time. Even in the seventh century, Shankaracharya spoke about Kannappa. Poet Dhurjati wrote about the Nayanars in the 14th century. Kannappa was the ninth Nayanar. It was printed in English by the British in the 18th century. We found that book in Bikaner University. After reading that book, we are bringing it to the audience very carefully. Kannappa is like my child. Everyone will understand why so many artists were chosen for this film only after watching it. From now on, updates will be coming from Kannappa on every Monday from July. This is 'Kannappa' written in my version. That's why we invited everyone to the World of Kannappa. As I am telling the story of the second century we shot the film in New Zealand to match that period. We didn’t think about the budget; we moved forward with the belief that we are making a film that will go down in history. Preity Mukhundhan played the role of Nemali. I think you all will like this Kannappa. Hara Hara Mahadev."

 *Mukesh Kumar Singh said,* "In the movie Kannappa, my strength lies in my artists. I can’t say much about Vishnu’s acting and the hardships he faced. Even in the freezing cold, the entire team worked hard. Vishnu sir, Sarath Kumar sir, and Mohan Babu sir worked so dedicatedly. Everyone acted brilliantly and beyond my expectations. Ramayana and Mahabharata are not mythology; they are our history. There is no such thing as South and North. We have told the story of a devotee. We go to God and make wishes, but Kannappa offered his eyes to God without asking for anything. We have told the story of such a great devotee. Where else can you find a greater story than that?"

 *Sarath Kumar said,* "Kannappa is not just a movie; it is our history. Everyone lived their roles. Even now, we remain in those roles. Everyone is forgetting history. We have to tell our own history. Everyone should watch Kannappa."

 *Madhubala said,* "I am happy and proud to act in a project like Kannappa. Thanks to Mohan Babu garu and Vishnu for giving me such a good opportunity. Vishnu Manchu has a lot of knowledge in filmmaking. Only someone like Vishnu could take up such a great project. It felt like participating in a great yajna."

 Preity Mukhundhan said, "Thanks to Mohan Babu, Vishnu, and Mukesh Singh for giving me a chance in Kannappa. Everyone gave their best for this movie. I hope everyone will like the movie."

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