Movie Review: Rail

 Muthaiya is an electrician residing in a village along with his wife Chellamma and his mother.  They have a tenant, Sunil, a young north Indian boy who works in a local factory. 

Muthaiya avoids work and spends his time drinking with a friend. He develops a hatred for Sunil whom his wife is affectionate towards as a younger brother. Spurned by his rich father-in-law when he asks for money to set up a business, Muthaiya gets all the more angry.  His drinking bestie eggs him on and makes him believe that it would be best to murder Sunil, who is doing well in life and being a North Indian has taken up jobs meant for locals. The two drunks set up the plan but before they can do so,  a tragedy unfolds.

What happens to Sunil? Does Muthaiya ever change his ways?

The movie seems well intentioned, to point out how humanity shines brighter than all parochial or regional limitations.

To this end, the scenes between Sunil and Chellamma, the hardworking and helpful nature of Sunil, his acceptance amongst the village folk with whom he gets along so well,  and his yearning to be with his wife and family,  are all portrayed well. 

On the other hand, the mindless, limited understanding and petty behaviour and irresponsibility of the two local louts who can't even earn for their family due to their ego and addiction, is well captured and drives home the point. 

The funeral scenes and the family scenes thereafter, strike a chord with the viewer.

Watch out for a positive ending.

The actors have all done a solid job of it, with the locations and  scenes and dialogues bringing out the  simplicity of village life adding a realistic touch to the film. The inherant situational humor is a plus for the film. 

A different kind of subject, with realistic performances, Rail makes some valid points along the way as it explores inter-personal relationships and human emotions in a way that leave a mark.


ஹீரோ    -  குங்குமராஜ்

ஹீரோயின் - வைரமாலா

வடக்கன் - பர்வேஸ் மெஹ்ரூ

வரதன் - ரமேஷ்வைத்யா

ஹீரோயின் அப்பா - செந்தில் கோச்சடை

டிம்பிள் - ஷமீரா

வடக்கன் அப்பா - பிண்ட்டூ

வடக்கன் அம்மா - வந்தனா

குழந்தை - பேபி தனிஷா

திருப்புளி - சுபாஷ்

இன்ஸ்பெக்டர் - தங்கமணி பிரபு

மில் மேனேஜர் - ரமேஷ் யந்த்ரா

அக்கவுண்டண்ட் - சாம் டேனியல்

வடக்கன் ஃப்ரெண்ட் - ராஜேஷ்

கான்ஸ்டபிள் - ராமையா


தயாரிப்பாளர் - வேடியப்பன்

இயக்குநர் - பாஸ்கர்சக்தி

DOP - தேனிஈஸ்வர்

இசையமைப்பாளர் - S.J. ஜனனி

எடிட்டர் - நாகூரான் இராமச்சந்திரன்

சவுண்ட்  - ராஜேஷ் சசீந்திரன்

பாடலாசிரியர் - ரமேஷ் வைத்யா

மேனேஜர் - உசிலை சிவா

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