Movie Review : Weapon

The movie dives headlong into the main story when Ravirajan head of NSG interrogates  Agni ( Vasanth Ravi ) a You Tuber who  is accused of  eco terrorism due to a forest fire in a restricted area in the hills. But he claims he is innocent.

 Dev Krishnav aka DK  ( Rajiv Menon) is head of the evil Black Society. One by one,  members of this group keep disappearing. Only DK and Omkar are the survivors. Omkar, who is investigated by the NSG, reveals a secret. Dk is in search of a super human who is believed to have been alive for a long time, ever since the time Hitler. He wants to harness his power and use it for nefarious means.

 D K runs Flawless Robotics which helps disabled people  and uses them as guinea piga by experimenting on them by new found scientific means which often fail.  

In the meantime, DK's daughter Avantika (Tanya Hope), Agni, and the team who have gone to Theni hills for their You Tube story on a super human child,  stumble upon the Super Human ( Sathyaraj) whom DK is searching.

What happens next? Do the bad guys get hold of this human weapon and harness his energy? What surprises are in store for everyone?

The basic premise of the film seems interesting. The casting by director Guhan Seniappan seems appropriate as the major characters fit into their roles seamlessly. Rajiv Menon as DK adds value and credibility to his role by his presence while Sathyaraj shines with yet another unusual role. The scenes in the industrial shed and at the climax are impressive and rivetting.

Vasanth Ravi uses his body language and height to advantage in the action scenes which are grippingly choregraphed. Tanya Hope is well cast as the rich kid following her passion, and fits the role to a T. One does wish though, that  few more dimensions could have been added to her character. Rajesh Pillai as the blackmailed killing machine leaves  a mark in both the action and emotional scenes.

The scale of the film seems big, the CG work well done, especially in the fights between the super humans, and the bgm is a pillar of support. The twist at the end is to watch out for. 

On the flip śide, the interrogation scenes are too long and in the dark mostly. The masked man's voice is also masked and dialogue tough to catch at times. 

The movie, tbough fast paced, gives the viewer no breathing time to absorb what's happening nor connect to the characters. Too many people drop dead at random. Better editing would have helped to make things more coherant.

Overall, with its interesting and novel super human concept, good visuals, solid action blocks and  performances, and a social message, Weapon makes for a good summer entertainer.

Rating 3/5


Vasanth Ravi, 
Rajeev Menon, 
Tanya Hope, 
Rajeev Pillai,
Yashika Aannand, 
Mime Gopi, 
Syed Subhan, 
Baradwaj Rangan,
Maya Krishnan, 
Shiyas Kareem, 
Benito Franklin, 
Raghu esakki, 
Vinothini Vaidyanathan, 
Meghna Sumesh

Technical Crew:

Director : Guhan Senniappan 
Produced by Million Studio
Music: Ghibran
Cinematography : Prabhu Raghav 
Editor: Gopi Krishna, 
Art :Subendar P.L, 
Stunt: Sudesh
Costume Designers: Lekha Mohan
Sound Mix: M.R. Rajakrishnan
Sound Design: M.R. Rajakrishnan
Colorist: Sree
DI Lab: Promoworks
VFX: Supervisor : Gokul
Makeup: Mohan
Stills: Vijay
Publicity Design: Dinesh Ashok
Production Controller: Kaanthan
Executive Producer: Rizwan.A
Direction Team: CS Karthic Kumar, R Balakumaran, Gautam Anand, K Tamizhchelvan, Bharath Krishna, Subash Chandra Bose
PRO: Suresh Chandra

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