Movie Review:Dandupalayam

 A dangerous criminal gang of several men and few women, wreaks havoc in areas in Karnataka, murdering and looting innocent householders for money and jewellery. They have the blessings of politicos and commit crimes with impunity and so are difficult to nab.

But one day they are caught and jailed and even sentenced to death. However, soon news spreads of  another gang which has similar modus operandi and replaces them, proving to be another mystery for cops to solve.

A journalist is following up closely on the case and she comes up with surprising findings.

As the killings go on unabated, a  special officer  ( Tiger Venkaat) is assigned  to the case. He hatches a plan to nab the dangerous,  slippery  criminals.

Does he succeed? Is justice served? What happens to the gangs? 

The film,reportedly  based on true events, seeks to highlight the lurking danger to innocent families and people who are unaware of how their simple actions of helping strangers and leaking info inadvertantly to strangers, can lead to dangeous crimes. In that regard, the film seeks to be an eye opener.  It also seems to showcase that such crimes and gangs can replicate with time, thereby highlighting the importance of being vigilant and aware of safety measures  as individuals in society.

The film retains a certain suspense about the lead women ( Sonia Agarwal and Vanitha Vijaykumar) who are established as  cruel criminals right from the first few frames. The link to their backstory, however, comes in the second half and is well  portrayed by the segment with Tiger Venkaat playing a cop.

However, the sudden jump to the portions of other criminal gangs, takes some getting used to and is not established with clarity, perhaps because the makers wanted to create a suspense factor.

Vanitha Vijaykumar is quite terrifying as the bloodthirsty criminal and leaves an impression with her performance. Sonia Agarwal infuses fear with her menacing looks. 

Tiger Venkaat as the cop in the later half has done a good job, with his dialogue delivery and body language as a cop. He also shines in the stunt portions.

The rest of the cast,  is well chosen in keeping with the theme of the film. 

On the flip side,  there seem to be  too many scenes of violence, getting repetitive after a while. The decibel levels of the bgm could do with a toning down as well. The gory torture and crime scenes are not for the fainthearted at all. The screenplay seemed to need tweaking to more coherently narrate the story.  

The film hits theatres on June 8th.

Cast and Crew:





சோனியா அகர்வால்

வனிதா விஜயகுமார்

டைகர் வெங்கட்

பிர்லா போஸ்

சூப்பர் குட் சுப்ரமணி

சுமா ரங்கநாத்



ஒளிப்பதிவு - பி.இளங்கோவன்

இசை - ஜித்தின் கே.ரோஷன்

நடனம் - பாபா பாஸ்கர்

மக்கள் தொடர்பு - வெங்கட்






டைகர் வெங்கட்


கே.டி நாயக்-டைகர் வெங்கட்

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