Jarugandi team ready for Oct 26 release


The entire team of Jarugandi was overwhelmed with  confidence and elation as they met and interacted with media and press this evening. A couple of songs and the visual promos from the film were screened.

Director Pitchumani said, “I owe a lot to my producers for banking their hopes on me. Many have been asking me the reason behind the title Jarugandi. As soon as we completed penning the script, we wanted to come up with a title adherent to the theme, where all the characters will be    hurriedly rushing for some critical purpose.

Cinematographer RD Rajasekar changed the tone of movie from the time he stepped in. There is something more special as he doesn’t get tired. Bobho Sashi has given fabulous songs. Jai has exerted complete effort in many aspects. Actress Reba will be definitely getting more offers in Tamil industry. Danny will get good scope after Maragadha Nanayam. Robo Shankar is definitely a great treat.

Cinematographer RD Rajasekhar said, “Nitin Satya is the reason why I am here into the project. Being an actor, he has learnt how to handle other actors in the film with positivity. He is friendly and honest as a producer and so the project has come out very well. He will be always ready to offer the comfort levels to the entire team a day prior to the planned schedule. Pitchumani and I were acquainted from the time of Venkat Prabhu’s Mass while working together. I wrote the script and told me this is a low budget one and promised that there will be big ones coming soon in time. In the same way, the film has come out exceedingly perfect as planned. Jai sir gave a complete support throughout the film. Reba Monica John will be looking so much beautiful and she will prove herself to be a top notch performer like Shobha for her unique mannerisms and body language. I thank Badri sir too for being a great support.”

Action Choreographer Don Ashok said, “I thank the producers for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this film. We have come up with the stunts that are appropriate for the film.”

Actress Reba Monica John said, “This is my debut film and is so special to me. I am thankful to Pitchumani sir and Jai for being a complete support and making a good memory for me. I am fond of all the songs especially YAARADI. I don’t know what to mention about RD Rajashekhar sir. As soon as he stepped into the film, it got a new touch and colour.”

Actor Bose Venkat, “For an actor like me, I would say that every actor should become producer like Nitin Sathya to become very well versed with the comfort and facilities that has to be given to the artists out here. Nitin Sathya has facilitated us with such attributes.”

Music Director Bobo Sashi said, “This was more like working together within a family. Actor Jai happens to be my cousin and it was much more comfortable working together with him. My uncle Music Director Deva has crooned a song that is written by director himself. I hope and believe everyone will love and enjoy the songs and background score.”

Producer Nithin Sathya said, “This being a first film to me as a producer had given me a good experience though it was filled with challenges. I thank my brother Badri for staying besides me throughout this journey. Jai gave me the best support and he happens to be the greater reason for what I am here as a producer today. At this point of time, where the release got delayed and we waited for the apt date to bring the release. Director Pitchumani has been so much support to Venkat Prabhu from the time of Chennai 600028 first part and I know about his hard work and dedication.”

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