Quickview: Aan Dhevathai

by Rinku Gupta

Aan Dhevathai is a family drama directed by Thamira, starring Samudrakani and Ramya Pandiyan in the lead.
The story revolves around the duo , a middle class working  couple who work very hard to make ends meet. When they are blessed with twins, the struggle to survive, becomes even harder and they get hardly any time as a family, juggling between  household duties, schooling and work. At this juncture, Samudrakani decides that in order to make time for their children, he will turn househusband while his wife can do the earning to support the family. This system works well for them and with the IT job she’s in, she manages to earn enough for the family to move to a swanky apartment and even get a  luxury car.
Its then that their differences begin, with the husband finding that the money and facilities are no substitute for a wholesome family life. Their priorities being different, they quarrel and Samudrakani , taking his daughter (Monica ) with him, leaves the flat, taking up his wife’s challenge  to earn his own living and provide for his family.
How does he get by? Does he make it big? Does the family reunite, finding a middle path,  is what the film is about.
The film offers a peek into the world of youngsters in the IT sector.  Earning good money and living the high life, borrowing money for  luxuries that they have to work harder to pay for, are all shown. What happens when such a job is suddenly taken away and there is no family life to fall back on as support is also shown by the director. The scenes where the little son is left inside a locked apartment to fend for himself and play all alone, while his mother is at work  and father has left them, is a moving one.

Samudrakani is certainly most aptly cast as man the  who drives home the message. The climax scene where he also realizes  the parts where he was wrong, is a good balance achieved by the director. He is able supported by Ramya as the aspirational wife, who finally realizes the importance of relationships and family life. The children, Monica and Kavin play their parts most convincingly, highlighting the plight of kids caught up in a family quarrel.  
The movie highlights the importance of living within your means and finding joy in the little things of life, and finding  a healthy balance between work and family life.
Radha Ravi and Suja Varunee play important characters. Aan Dhevathai is a good watch for family audiences, with a message put across in an entertaining manner.

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