Quickview: Koothan

by Rinku Gupta

Koothan, directed by Venky AL is a story revolving around a bunch of youngsters, trying their luck at winning  dance competition in order to fulfil their life goals with the prize money.
Rana, ( Rajkumar) earns his living by doing dance shows. His mother ( Urvashi) is a junior artiste in movies. Our hero comes across Srilakshmi ( Srijita Ghosh) another dancer in the city. Through her he learns the dance form of Bharatanatyam, at her sister’s school. As the duo become close, Rana discovers why Srilakshmi hates another dancer ( Nagendra Prasad) so much. He had conned her sister into marriage and swindled their money and left them in debt and now almost homeless if they didn’t repay the loan sharks.
Their problems lead them to the only solution in sight, that is to enter a dance competition in Singapore which offers a huge prize money to the winners. Do they pull it off? Do they manage to take revenge on their wily rival who will go to any length to succeed is the story.
The comedy scenes with Urvashi are not particularly funny and the heroines look somewhat over made –up and a tad unnatural in their performances, with some lip-synch errors thrown in as well. The tension of the competition is well brought out but all through there is a kind of 80’s feel to the way the situations are staged.  There is not much in favour of the film except the performance of Rajkumar and Nagendra Prasad. 

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