Amala Paul's Ratsasan connect as she turns forensic scientist

by Rinku Gupta

Known increasingly for choosing unconventional roles, Amala Paul is now trying something which is touted to be a first of its kind in the Indian film industry. Amala plays the lead as a forensic surgeon in a film, directed by Anoop Panicker and scripted by Abhilash Pillai.

According to the team, this is the first  time a thriller based on forensic investigation featuring a protagonist as forensic surgeon is being made in the  Indian film industry. The film revolves around her  unique methods in  solving a mysterious crime.

The film is apparently  based on a real life investigative case handled by former Kerala Police surgeon Dr. B Umadathan. Both Anoop Panicker and Abhilash Pillai had been involved in deep discussions of the story with her for nearly 6 months. The duo had even visited several medical colleges to experience the work of forensic surgeons.

Interestingly, the film will have almost all the technicians including editor, art and action choreographers from the recent hit thriller ‘Ratsasan’ which was Amala's last release. The Ramkumar directed film was appreciated for its slick making and finesse in all departments so the technical team now working in this new film will be a major  plus.

Talks are going on with other familiar actors and technicians to be a part of this film, which will be finalized shortly.

 Jointly produced by AJ Fiilms is association with White Screen Media, the shooting is scheduled to commence from March 2019, where entire project will be filmed in Chennai and Coimbatore.

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