Quickview - Seemathurai

The story of Seemathurai revolves around  a college student Maruthu ( Geethan) and his mother (Viji) a fish seller in a village. While the single mother toils hard at work, her son though a college student, keeps loitering with his friends, doing nothing all day. That is till he sets his eyes on Poorani ( the talented Varsha Bollamma)  in a  bus going to college. He is besotted at once and after that spends his time following her around, much to her discomfiture.

One day he proposes his love for her, which she refuses since she wants to study. But that doesn’t deter him at  all. Even when her father finds out and goons are sent to beat him  and warn him to stay away from her, he continues steadfastly in his aim, forcing her to accept his love, in the midst of all the beatings on the road.

Meanwhile, the heroine’s thai maman (maternal uncle) who had asked for her hand in marriage  is at first cut up when her father refuses and throws him out of the house. But later he  seems to accept the refusal by her parents and even helps Poorani to go and visit the battered Maruthu. In the  climax this factor takes a gut-wrenchingly gruesome turn in a scene which  is hard to watch.

The lead pair execute their roles well though there seems nothing much for them to do overall.  Geethan with his good looks and innocent smile shows promise while Poorani's emotive eyes speak volumes.   Viji too is wasted in a role that begins with promise but doesnt amount to much.  The way the supporting cast of the hero’s parents and the heroine’s uncle conduct themselves in a restrained manner for the most part,  is a refreshing change from the usually high in melodrama rural films. The music by Josh Franklin is rich while cameraman Thirugnanasambandam gives us some good visuals. Its good to see a sensibly written heroine character who is not the usual chirpy and talkative girl, but has a sensible head on her shoulders, with studies being more important than bliind love for a boy she hardly even knows. The nativity of the locale is well portrayed.
On the flip side, the  basis of the story where a boy does nothing much except stalk his lady ‘ love’, even despite her clear refusal sends out a wrong message and doesnt make for interesting viewing either. 
With such a talented cast and crew one cant but wish that director Santhosh Thiyagarajan had used them in a more engaging story.

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