Quick Review: Chithiram Pesudhu Di 2

by Rinku Gupta

Chithiram Pesudhu Di 2 is a good effort by director Raajan  Madhav to showcase a hyperlink film. Sadly forvthe cast and crew, the film took several years to hit the screens. But the story is still held firmly in place thanks to good performances and a fast -paced screenplay.

 Briefly put, the story revolves arpund several sets of characters played by Ajmal, Vidharth, Radhika Apte, Gayathrie, Nandan, Ashok and several others. Each of them is caught up in a problem, the solution of which is somehow linked to events in another person's life.
A fast screenplay with twists and turns in place, ensure there is no lag interest nor in the pace of the story. A bunch of strong women characters is another point in its favour.

The music by Saajan Madhav moves according to the denands of the story. Well concieved action sequences and a bunch of actors who fit thier roles to a T work in its favour .

On the flip side one can say that the constant twists may prove too much for the viewer to handle and process. The number of characters kerp increasing in the first half making one strain to keep track of them and recall thier backstories for processing later. A simpler storyline may have bern easier to handle for the average viewer.
Also, some events are handled a bit too easily to fit into the scheme of things.
On the whole the director deserves credit for his attempt towards trying something different.

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