Quick Review: Goko Mako

With a different sounding name, one can make out that Goko Mako will surely attempt at being  something away  from the ordinary. But the efforts dont yield the desired results in  terms of viewer satisfaction.

The story is about 2 lovers who go on a road trip. The girl is unaware that they are being captured  on canded camera as part of a song video. A group of youngsters who want to succeed in thier careers are behind this attempt.  What happens to thier ambitious plans is the story.

The filming leaves much to be desired. The jokes fall flat and the characters seem to be mouthing ex -tempore dialogues. Chaams and YG Mahendran's attempt at slapstick humor along with the latter's screen wife begin to jar after a while.
The dialogues dont resonate nor touch any chord while the whole plot seems hardly believable. Delhi Ganesh and AM Ratnam seem lost wit no clue as to what exactly they are doing in the story ( if one can call it that).
 Arunkanth, the film's director has also played an important role in the film.
Cast: Chaams, Santhanabharathy,Dinesh, Dhanusha, Ramkumar and Dinesh.

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