Quick Review: Dhadha 87

by Rinku Gupta

Dhadha 87 revolves around the stories of several characters living in a suburban  tenement. The hero  ( Anand Pandi)is a youth who is hell bent on having a girlfriend at all costs. One day a new girl ( Sri Pallavi) lands up in the  area, drawing his attention immediately.
He goes all out to woo her but she refuses him everytime.

But one day she suddenly accepts his proposal. However, his joy is shortlived, when she reveals that she is actually a transgender. Shattered, he abandons her. What happens to  thier love story after that?
Parallelly there is also the older love story of the dreaded old don Dhadha (  charuhaasan). He strikes terror in the area of fighting politocos and criminals. He is reunited unexpectedly with his teen love ( Saroja).

Though the director Vijay Sri G has tried to highlight the sad plight of a section of society, there are too many scenes of caste clashes and petty fights taking up screen time. The hero's constant wooing girls gets too repetitive. There is a lot of loud dialogue and comedy  which is does nothing to make you laugh. The parents of the hero seem to encourage his stalking. Janakaraj as the ex military man,understanding and supporting his daughter is well cast and touches an emotional chord.
A film with a social message, that could have been better presented to be effective.

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