Quick Review : Super Deluxe

by Rinku Gupta

Director Thiagarajan Kumararaja has come out with his  next most awaited film Super Deluxe after a long gap post the iconic Aranya Kaandam.

The story without spoilers is  about several characters , their stories emerging  parallely before merging in most unexpected but rewarding ways.  There are 4 boys who want to watch porn but land up in hot soup in ways that they never imagined. On the other hand we have Mugil ( Faahad Fasil) who discovers a corpse in his home and has to grapple with his wife Vaembu's ( Samantha) infidelity as well. There is  Shilpa ( Vijay Sethupathi playing a transgender) who comes home after years to a shocked wife ( Gayatri) son and family who were in the dark about his gender change. Then there is Leela ( Ramya Krishnan ) who works as a porn actor and her fanatic husband Arbutham ( Mysskin) who believes that Jesus saves anyone in need including his son who needs an operation to survive a fatal accident. Bugs or Bagavathy Perumal as the corrupt and lecherous cop completes the picture.
 How these charcters ( except Bugs ) get out of the tough situations they find themselves in, handle thier conflicts and redeem themselves and find a ray of hope and peace is told in an ingenious manner.

The acting of every one is top notch right from the endearing  kid who plays Shilpa's son,  Gayatri in a superb performance with controlled emotions holding back mixed feelings,  Samantha caught up in a desperate situation yet unapologetic about her choices and discovering  the first hint of interest in her husband, to the superlative performance of Vijay Sethupathy caught up amidst the love of his son, the pain he brings to his family with his new identity and discovering finally that he is not the only victim in a tough situation. Mysskin as the fanatic preacher and Ramya as the balanced  mother struggling to make ends meet but at peace with her identity, all open up thier worlds to us and give us insights into thier viewpoints and choices. Especially touching is the segment of Shilpa  and her relationship with her son, with the message of love and acceptance coming through loud and clear.
Bugs as the lecherous corrupt cop is excellent , bone hilling with his depravity  and conniving laughter. Faahad Fasil could have been better utilised but gives his best in the situation.

The bgm by Yuvan is a plus as is the camerawork of Nirav Shah and PS Vinod, giving a different  color to the film at its various segments. 
The free and liberal use of expletives maybe a turn off in places and the lags in certain scenes make the proceedings slow in this quite long movie. A few situations dont gel logically ( like how would a couple try to dismember a corpse with guests in the next room , without even closing the door or thinking about the gushing blood trials it would leave ?) and some scenes look loosely put together. Strangely, whenever the teenagers or others are in public spaces, the roads are empty with no people or vehicles. Wonder why...

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