Quick Revew: Thirumanam

by Rinku Gupta

Directed by Cheran, Thirumanam is his comebwck film, produced by Preniss International.
The story in brief revolves around Cheran's sister  ( Kavya Suresh ) who falls in love and wants to marry an RJ ( Umapathi Ramaiah). His sister ( Sukanya) and uncle  (MS Bhaskar) agree to the wedding. But problems arise when the grooms richer family wants to have a grand wedding while the brides family believes splurging  is a waste. Things reach an impasse and the wedding is called off. What happens after that is the story.

Cheran has done his best to give the film a modern and contemporary loom. From FB, whats app and other apps being used, to the groom being a happening RJ in a modern home, he has stayed relevant to the modern way of life. The 2 sides of the coin , whether grand marriages are a waste of money or a livlihood for many in the economy  from the flower vendors to the caterers,  are well-debated in the film. He has also showcased the ills of splurging at the cost of living in debt therafter ,and how this can destroy families.

Umapathi looks good and is suited to his role, emoting and dancing well. Sukanya fits the bill of the possessive and doting sister while MS Bhasker and Thambi Ramaiah do justice to their emotional roles. Cheran as the thinking and strict brother is aptly cast. The organic  farming angle is also thrown in. The tense situations between families and the comical situations in-between are bound to strike a chord with audiences who may have been through similar experiences.

On the flip side, there are lags in the scenes with JayaPrakash as the debt -ridden corrupt boss,  with too many dialogues. The making feels like a 90s film at times with melodrama thrown in, especially into the sister's character. There is hardly any chemistry between the lead pair. At times the dialogues sound preachy.

Overall, a family film with a social message.

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