No drinking scenes for Sivakarthikeyan in Mr Local

by Rinku Gupta

The grand press meet of Studio Green's  Mr Local was held today.
The team is pretty upbeat about the Sivakarthikeyan  starrer  directed by M Rajesh who is known for his comedies. However, the director who is known for his film' s bar songs revealed a departure from his norm,  ' Sivakarthikeyan told me to avoid drinking scenes and scolding women in an inebriated state in this film.  Im happy people have appreciated that the film is jolly without such scenes. He also told me to make sure other actors get lot of space for comedy. We have Yogi Babu, Sathish, Thambi Ramaiah and Robo Shankar and a large number of actors. There is no message. Its a clean U film to enjoy with the family. Nayanthara role  is equal to the hero in the film. Her performance is very subtle and different in this film.'

Said the choreographer Dinesh Master, ' I have been working with director M Rajesh from the beginning.  Im also happy Hip Hop Adhi's   music is so well received  already.  Sivakarthikeyan is still the same as what he was in the beginning of his career. When I called him 'sir' once on sets he came up and asked me not to do so."

 Actor Narayan was very happy to be  part of a Studio Green film and yet another Rajesh film after OkOk which got him a good name amongst young fans.
' The film has a jolly summer vibe. I'm very happy Anirudh has sung to my music. Sivakarthikeyan has done the best comedy apart from Robo Shankar,' said Hip Hop Adhi whose songs are already rocking the charts. 2 new rappers have been introduced in the film along with VJ Mirchi Vijay who has turned lyricist with this film with  the peppy Takkunu Takkunu number.

Studio Green's, producer Gnanavel Raja was all praise for his hero, particularly for an important reason, 'Sivakarthikeyan has grown as an actor and is a great hit amongst kids who are looking forward to this summer treat. I can never forget Siva's gesture of doing this film at a crucial junction of my 15 year career when I really needed it.' He added that Rajesh was a producer's delight.
'The film is a good one to watch with family and kids this summer. There are lots of references to current affairs  too, " revealed  Shaktivelan of Sakthivel Film Factory.

Hero Sivakarthikeyan said he was very happy to work with Gnanavel Raja and about  Rajesh he added, 'Rajesh is a very chilled out director on sets and is an inspiration, giving me something to learn with his calm demeanour no matter what the problems were on sets.'

 Throwing light on the film he said, 'There are no villains in this film.  This is my second film with Nayanthara. In VVS we didn't have that many of her scenes. So Im happy she is part of this film.  She was a thorough professional.   There is a lot more comedy in this film.'Family and kids can go and watch this entertaining film  for a good time'
 He ended his speech with a promise for fans, ' In future I' ll be doing more films and meet audiences and press every 6 months via my films. '

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