Quick Review : Kee

by Rinku Gupta
Kee is a thriller starring Jiiva and Nikki Galrani along with RJ Balaji and Suhasini  Directed by Kalees, and produced by Global  Infotainment, the film is about the pitfalls of modern technology and how its misuse can lead to crime abd chaos.

Jiiva plays Sidhu, a college student who is an ethical hacker who uses his skills to hack into phones in order to pursue girls and get them to date him, surprising them with intimate details of thiers.
This habit leads him to a reporter ( Anaika Soti) who tries to warn him about a strange series of deaths that could also endanger his life. Sid is carefree about it. Till he discovers  that the Reporter has been killed, his own father's death was not just an accident and now his girlfriend  ( Nikki Galrani) has been kidnapped by an evil hacker (Govind Padmasoorya) from the dark web, who is cotrolling people and forcing them to kill others. Does Sid manage to save the day and crack the case before more lives are lost? 

To its credit the film tries to warn people about the dark side of the web and the dangers of sharing personal info on Apps and social media. But the manner it does so , except in a few places, is not veru convincing. The loud sounds, the jarring bgm, a baddie and his young hacking team without really a cause for thier evil activities ( inducing people to suicide), three deviation from the main thread via songs,  dialogues and ' jokes' offensive  to women at  several places,  and parent sentiment thrown in, all make a hotch potch of the theme. For instance,  the ' cherry' bedroom scenes  with the reporter all hardly add credibility to the serious topic chosen by the film.
To its credit, a few dialogues from Jiiva do portray the seriousness of the basic theme of the film.
A commendable effort for choice of subject,  which perhaps could have been shown in a more succint manner to drive the point home. 

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