Quick Review Natpuna Ennau Theriyuma

by Rinku Gupta
The film produced by Libraa Productions and Vanitha Films is directed by Shiva Arvind . It stars Kavin, Arunraja Kamaraj and Raju who play 3 good friends. Remya Nambeesan is the girl 2 of them fall in love with. 

3 childhood friends who are their locality wastrels finally decide to do their own business. After quite a struggle they set up a business to conduct marriages which starts to run well. But as luck would have it, a love for a girl ( Remya) becomes a bone of contention between them.  As a result their friendship breaks up when the girl chooses one of them. Do they overcome their differences and become friends again?

The film is a lighthearted take on relationships and friendships. Some of the comedy works in places. Kavin has done a good job, as have Remya, Raju and ArunRaja. A few songs are thrown in, including a peppy western type dance number filmed on the lead pair.
The director takes his time to build up the friends' early childhood and developing friendship which takes up some footage but is interesting, due to its humourous angle. Once the conflict starts the film picks up speed. There are  a couple of twists to keep one engaged.

Harmless fun, witty one liners and situational comedy make this film a light -hearted family entertainer. 

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