Quick Review : Men In Black International

by Rinku Gupta
In Men In Black International directed nt F Gary Gray, thre action  moves to international waters, namely to London.
 Molly ( Tessa Thompson in an engaging performance) joins as a probationary officer working with the flamboyant agent H ( Chris Hemsworth). A brush with an alien leads them to a secret weapon that several people are after including a suspected mole in the agency. The London head High T ( Liam Neeson) gets involved and the action heats up in a chase to find the truth and save the world.
The war of words  and  suggestion of a chemistry and oodles of magnetism between M and H keeps up the interest levels in the film making for an interesting watch.. There are more aliens of all sizes which add to the novelty factor, like  Bassam and thevsiper cute Pawny ( voice by Kumail Nanjiani ) By way of action and adventure dont expect too much but the scenic shots of Naples island fort are breathtaking  where Rebecca Ferguson as the evil ex girlfriend makes a brief appearance with an interesting action scene thrown in.  The script  makes up for the blandness with comedy and some cute moments courtesy Pawnsy along with the charm of the lead pair and Neeson's suave presence.  

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