Quick Review: NNOR

By Rinku Gupta
Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja is the debut direction of Karthik Venugopalan, with a team of popular You Tube stars starring in it. The film is produced by Sivakarthikeyan Productions.
Two youngsters ( Rio Raj and RJ Vigneshkath) are unemployed but have dreams of making it big in life via thier You Tube videos. A chance meeting with a rich man (Radha Ravi) gives them a unique opportunity to earn crores if they fulfil 3 strange conitions he has. Do they manage to fulfil the conditions? At what cost?

The laughs come in spurts here and there. The lead actors manage to pull off thier roles albeit a bit weakly in the emotional scenes which dont strike a chord. Plenty of messages are thrown in via dialogues and situations. A good effort by the director to bring in current socio- political references and especialy the ailment of society's apathy in general which affects the common man.
Shirin Kachwala debuts as a reporter and does her bit sincerely though there is not much for her to do. Radha Ravi is a big plus with his mix of emotions and humor and the gravitas he brings with his role. The compelling end portion of the film holds a mirror to society and shows that despite glitches like bland humor and lags, the film has its heart in the right place and Venugopalan attempts to entertain, but with a message as take away.

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